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Renesis Powered New Models.....
« on: February 16, 2003, 10:22:54 PM »
Taken this from a US FD list, hope the information is not a mis-direction.



   Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 09:16:03 -0800

   From: Dan Mazzella

Subject: (rx7) (misc) Predictions and speculation


It has been rumoured that Mazda would like to develop several Rotary powered vehicles to spread Rotary power across their product line. This would take advantage of and spread development cost of the RENESIS motor across a greater spectrum of cars.


All these rumours and our wishful thinking got us at Rotary News (mainly Berny and me..Dan) speculating and predicting the future of the RENESIS motor and it’s uses in different Mazda vehicles/platforms. RN recalls a time when Rotary power was available in a variety of vehicles, and we came up with some ideas based on rumours, lies and even a little fact.


The fact that Mazda is really good at the front engine/rear wheel drive combination, like RX’s and the Miata, and that the Rotary engine is well suited for this application, led us to some of the following conclusions:


*A new RX-3 *


Mazda might/could develop a lightweight, low price point, entry level, compact vehicle that would take advantage, of the RENESIS_ newfound emissions and mileage standards. The vehicle could be made in the spirit of the RX-3 Coupe and would break away from the now all-consuming front-wheel drive entry level platforms of the market today. The car could be powered by a lower horsepower (160hp-180hp) version of the RENESIS that is easily tuneable for higher horsepower, if so desired by new owners. This would hold price point and the ever-important CAFI emissions and mileage standards of the class. We feel that such a car should be priced in the 16K to 18K price range, to expose a whole new generation of young people to Rotary power. This would give Mazda a very unique vehicle for the entry market, which would definitely attract enthusiast of all types to its product line.


What do you guys think of reviving the RX-3 name? It would definitely be cool to have a _NEW_ RX-3!!


*The new RX-7*


The new RX-7 has been confirmed as _coming soon_, by a lot of industry folks and automotive publications. We cannot confirm this, but RN does know that a product has been developed and is being considered for production, but there are no firm production plans yet. But, based on our limited information and insight, gathered at a few press events and talking to industry people, here are a few predictions and thoughts on the new RX-7.


    * Larger displacement RENESIS motor with possible forced induction.

    * 300+hp regardless of the motor being N/A or turbo/super charged.

    * Lightweight (less than 2800lbs)

    * Extremely high handling limits

    * Unique styling and design

    * /No compromises/


Mazda understands that any new vehicle carrying the RX-7 moniker will have live up to the 3rd generation FD RX-7. We have actually been told as much by key Mazda people. They understand all of the shortcomings, and more importantly, the strengthens of the FD, and will/have addressed and/or improved on them, as to not make the same mistakes twice. The new RX-7 will be a car designed and built with the spirit of the FD, through and through!


*The RX-8*


All we can say here is: MazdaSpeed-8! We hear that a /blown/ version of the car is in the works as we write. No confirmation of this going into production, but the car should just plain rock! The concept has already been shown at the Tokyo Auto-Saloon, and with a little boost from a turbo or super charger, watch out!


*Rotary Truck*


One can only wish! However, there is no light weight 2x4 mini-trucks on the market right now that packs a punch. The REPU from the 70s was the original "pickup with pickup." The B3000/Ranger have moved up-market, and have been up-sized, leaving room for a mini-truck with the RENESIS for those that needs the utility of a pickup, with Mazda\'s DNA, and the RENESIS. Did I mention with the RENESIS?


The future for the Rotary engine looks real bright at Mazda right now, and we hope that some of our thoughts, ideas and predictions, get you all thinking, the same way it did us. We’d love to hear what you all enthusiasts think of these ideas and predictions. They are really not as far fetched, as they might seem. Mazda is a car company looking to break away from the pack and we the enthusiasts, stand to win big! Please leave us your comments and input. We know Mazda is listening!




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Renesis Powered New Models.....
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2003, 10:50:28 PM »
here is a pic of a possible new rx3