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Items For Sale / Mazda RX8 Cusco Strut Brace Rear 2003-2012 New
« on: April 13, 2020, 12:01:12 PM »
 I have an unopened  Mazda RX8 Cusco Strut Brace Rear 2003-2012 for sale/ £150 delivered in the UK.
Just about to put it on E-Bay

Items For Sale / RX-7 FD or FC Hawk front Brake Pads
« on: March 23, 2020, 07:32:56 PM »
RX-7 FD or FC Hawk front Brake Pads to fit any model with standard Mazda Calipers

HAWK HB155F.580 Brake Pad - HPS type (Fast Road/ Light Track)

Very cheap at £90 delivered
Simply send the money via PayPal to with a delivery address 

As per the title I am conserned how you all coping and being affected with COVID-19


Due to a cancelled order I have a just arrived Brand new in a box, Lightweight Racing Beat RX8 Race V2 Cat Back Exhaust System with Extended Tip for 03-08 & R3 models.
This will fit the Series 1 with the shroud trimmed.

Retail £723.60 / yours for £573 delivered in the UK. PM me if your interested.

Events Calendar / Brands Hatch Media Day Thursday 27th Feb
« on: February 23, 2020, 11:16:48 AM »
If anyone wants to see lots of saloons and single seaters that will be Racing on MSVR tracks in 2020, come along and have a look for free.

I will be there  with the Race car representing Track Attack and  Banzai magazine  who will be sponsoring the Nippon series this year.

I have attached the program and garage layout for anyone interested.

Unlike the last outing at Brands, I am hoping for dry weather so I can test my new Advan slicks.     

Thanks to Adam for organising the Baznzai stickers   ( 

Since we started in business we have always had Chinese companies trying to sell us “their” version of an ignition coils along with many other things!,
You will see from the mail below that because China supplies the world these days, the virus is going to have a huge knock on effect for manufacturers around the world !.

Dear #nickname,
We have stocks for car ignition coils (We had started working).
Due to the influence of the unidentified pneumonia epidemic(New coronary pneumonia) in many parts of china, The Government has decided to impose a blockade in many places and provinces in china to prevent people in and out in order to avoid the epidemic continues to spread out to the other parts of the country

Under this government measure, We at the present time can not estimate how it affects the production and delivery of your ordered products until the factory returns to work after the Chinese New Year holidays, but we had started working, we have huge stocks for ignition coils.
Our current countermeasure is to minimize the orders that require delivery in short term especially for orders that require delivery , so as to avoid the trouble of our customers by our inability to deliver the ordered medals at that period of time

We have the responsibility to inform our customers of our present situation so that our customers have time to take the action that is appropriate to them.
      And if you have any inquiries, please let us know the details , we would prepare the quote and tell you if we have stocks.
                          Best regards, Martin Wang

Events Calendar / Le Mans Classic 2020
« on: February 12, 2020, 07:23:27 PM »
Have wanted to attend this event for many years, so have finally booked to go to this year's Le Mans Classic    :13:

In view of Mazda's centenary, it will be great to hopefully see the Mazda 787b

BREAKING NEWS. Le Mans Classic and Mazda France are excited to announce the coming of the Mazda 787 b on July 2-3-4-5th. This is great news for all the fans who have been asking for it for a very long time. This car, the first Japanese to win the 24 Heures du Mans in 1991, is particularly appreciated for the sound of its rotary engine.

Parts for sale / Mazda RX7 13B Peripheral Port Rotor Housings for sale.
« on: February 05, 2020, 05:37:49 PM »
Mazda RX7 13B Peripheral Port Rotor Housings for sale.. Condition is Used. (New these would cost over £3200)

One pair of useable Peripheral Port Rotor Housings fully Ported for use in Normally Aspirated or Turbo 13B RX-7. Race or Road

These Peripheral Port housings  have been  professionally manufactured to the same  specification as Racing Beat Rotor Housings. These housings have been used and  show some cosmetic marks etc.

Will ship WorldWide with buyer paying and these parts are sold as seen with no returns.

Could  be used in RX-8 with the waterseal grooves machined.

£1200 delivery extra and will ship world wide.

Rotary and General Chit-Chat / Told you Rotary Power was cheap
« on: January 19, 2020, 07:28:57 PM »
Just seen this ad on Facebook, not saying the engines not worth it, just saying a Rotary gives you a hell of a lot of bang for your buck  :great:.

2.3 litre Jondel Vauxhall XE Rally Engine no power figure but I would say probably around 260 to 300 brake, for £8,995

I have heard of Ford Crossflow engines costing 25K and even one of the Civics I race at 14.5K

A 500bhp Rotary engine block is going to cost maybe 4K from a Rotary builder, like I said,  a hell of a lot of bang for your buck  :great:

Track Attack Media Launch day @ Brands Hatch 27th February. This will launch the season with BTCC and all other Saloons & Single Seaters racing on MSVR tracks in 2020.

Public will be welcome for free to see many many different race cars in one place on the day.

Banzai Magazine will be coming along to cover our three represented Nippon Challenge cars .

If You could Own Any Rotary / What would it be ??  / with pictures please / can be any Rotary or yours if this was your dream 

Events Calendar / Mazda 100 Year Anniversary
« on: January 13, 2020, 08:59:28 AM »
Mazda are celebrating their 100 Year Anniversary and asking for comments about your own Mazda's via Facebook

They are asking this below

To kick off our centenary year, tell us your favorite Mazda so far.

Rotary and General Chit-Chat / Fated to meet Mazda Motorsports USA
« on: January 04, 2020, 10:02:52 PM »
Wow this was a strange catalog of events over the last few days.

Lisa and myself went to Florida for Christmas and at the last minute just before we left she changed from going to Cocoa Beach to Daytona and this started a stage series of events.

Next as we were staying across the road from the Stadium Lisa said about going on a tour around the “empty” stadium and I said no, but we still went!

On the tour I heard that the IMSA cars were qualifying for the Daytona 24 hours on the Friday but we were coming home on the Friday so I wasn’t going to go to that either!

Next on the Thursday night we went into a full restaurant that was full so we walked out but then decided to go back and wait and then bizarrely four of the Mazda Motorsports Team members sat in the next booth behind us ! Me being me, I had to have a chat with them and this resulted in them telling us, that we simply had to pay them a visit at the track before going home.

We arrived just half an hour before the cars we due on track and was amazed at the size of the Mazda Motorsports Joest team with four large FI style artic that are so much longer than we see in Europe.

I was supprised that this close to the off that the Team Manager Brad who is an ex-Rotary Racer took time out to show me around the cars in the garage and then inside the trailers to show me how the whole operation comes together on race day, to give you an idea of amount of personnel he showed me the station for the 100+ Walkie talkies that are used during the races.

After this Marc who oversees the team and is a Joest director of Joest who runs the team on behalf of Mazda took us to the command center and chatted about racing for 20 minutes or so.

Huge thanks to the guys who made us so welcome but how bizarre that we ended up at the track with Mazda and we didn’t even know they were going to be there.

Best of all the cars have just qualified 1st and 2nd for the race at the end of the month.

Didn’t believe in fate, but I suppose I will have to now ;)   


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