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Grant, real puzzled by the post because when going in a straght line the anti roll bar does nothing, it just goes up n down with the suspension 

Rotary and General Chit-Chat / Re: TODAYS QUICK PIC
« on: July 09, 2020, 07:45:48 PM »
Thats a great date 7.7.17  :13:

Here's the thing you need Clive - a snip.

Might have to shell out a little extra on a transporter though :D

Its actually a very good price for what it is, now where's that ticket :))

I hope they don't have the same V8s those things cost megger bucks

They would sound amazing if they did but I'd say they weren't as high end and noise restrictions at the race tracks will spoil the sound

I would say they have the same engines these turn up in F1 style transporters!

Just found out that at Brands Hatch 1st/2nd of August spectators will be allowed

I know you've been fiddling with radiator ducting, but have you changed your bonnet Clive? got a bit of high speed lift on the trailing edge.

Bonnet is the same one modded, Malcolm has some good pics of it.  Jim (Lennycarlof) is talking about installing some pressure sensors and linking them into the ECU but it all whooshed over my little head  :)   

Thats exactly what they are Grant, god knows how much they paid for these type of Race Cars----------these are not converted saloons, these are ground up race cars   ;).

Thanks Grant,
And yes Wayne, slicks for Thunder Saloons.

Im never afraid of a challenge and hope to be at least competative, after all this is the fastest saloon championship in the UK with these huge money monsters racing below.

p.s. off to Pip's again on monday to make sure the car is tip top

Just signed up for Thunder Saloon's to have a run @ Brands Hatch Aug 1st / 2nd 👍

Thanks again, shame I didn't get the rear camera to turn on as you would have seen the second place car floating around the back of me for most of the race,

Must do somthing about that mirror!

Wow that was close with the team Hard car! Seeing the video, I'm now miffed about not realising the car should have been quicker down the straights in quallyfying because had I changed the plugs and had the power I then had in the second race I would have at least got the two if not three in front of me  :(

Well done Clive, here is Race 1

Many thanks and on your birthday as well  :icon_thumleft:


The UK guy trades through FaceBook

Just ordered their VR1 in a soft compound (Wet use only)

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