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OK [ignorant newbie mode on;)] so what is you site Ben nowt in yer profile from what i can see :confused: & would like to take a gander at your goodies (so 2 speak :D)

& also possibly of more relevance where?
Just wondered as i appreciate the joys of rotary & their limited numbers in this country mean there is a need to take them somewhere decent for both minor services & major rebuilds ;) (IMO anyway i\'d rather pay more for decent serviceon a decent car than somewhere cheap!) & also the relative lack of such places given the level of demand :confused:
Anyway when looking at skylines it seems there aren\'t any places in the midlands, but that aside what & where are the decent rotary places in my lurking someone had mentioned there were only 5 decent rotary specialists in the UK so please come forward & make yourself known.
To sumarise who & where are the absolute dogs do das rotary garages?
Si (i can fit a RX7 in me garage i cant a skyliner so convince me ;)lol)

Pages: 1 ... 165 [166]