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General Technical / Knocklinks on a FD, worth doing?
« on: October 07, 2003, 04:20:36 PM »
I keep seeing comments like you can\'t afford any det on a rotary whereas u can get away with it from time to time on a boinger. How exact is this & while it is presumably better to have a set up where knocking/det isn\'t likely to happen, is it still worth/any point getting a decent knocklink & sensor set up on a RX7?
Si (& his friend paranoia ;))

Group buy work in progress on scoobynet & i\'ve just had details of what will be my RX7 from Miguel.
Now it\'s in need of the ole power FC treatment to free up some BHP ;) but i wasn\'t sure wot other goodies are generally the best option(s) for the rex, power FC & FC commander presumably? How about the AVC-R boost controller etc?
Any thought greatfully received.........:D

Just perving at miguels stock & i see one his beasties has "an exhaust restrictor valve" which i had seen before when i was investigating how to keep noise down & neighbours happy with me scooby.
Anyway PC since died so dont have an web addresses in me fav list of places which sell these kinda bits.
So does anyone know where you can get these, any ideas with how easy they are to fit for whatever exhaust & if just using for a few hundred yards till clear of whinging neighbours presumably there would be no implications with needing a remap everytime u adjust it ;) lol

Ew i just found another group buy for the formentioned goodies looking at circa £230 + £10 postage by the looks of it......
So wots the crack with these on a RX7? Good bad? Comments greatfully received :D

looking at a group buy whos details i will stick on here when final prices etc sorted but in the mean time does anyone have any experiance on fitting the different units on the RX7 as it appears that the snooper SLD920 (x is the newest i believe) is slightly bulkier & hardier to fit than the LRC100 & i\'m presuming that on a sleek FD etc this maybe quite an issue.
Anyone have/got any experiances with these on a RX7?
Shud have prices for both & looks like sizable number & thus discount will be available but yer forts might help me decide ;)

3rd generation RX-7's / Steering wheel options, get yers out.....
« on: September 04, 2003, 08:56:25 PM »
Please given i\'m likely to need a non standard wheel so i can fit my legs in i need to know what type of steering wheels are available on the ole FD so go on get yours out or show us sum/any links which might show sum of the options available :D

General Technical / steering wheel adjustment?
« on: August 15, 2003, 02:24:49 PM »
Please god tell me there is sum way to adjust the steering wheel on at least sum model 3rd gen RX7\'s?
Just i went for a quick test drive in one, before considering putting down a deposit with an importer;) & while performance was reasonable, it had just been rebuilt so no redlining action :( but every time i needed to use the clutch i needed to stick my leg to the left of the steering wheel & well i will impress my driving instructor as no way i can do owt other than 10 to 2 position unless i wanted to punch myself in the nuts every time i turned the steering wheel 90 degrees :o lol. & dont even mention the idea of heel toe braking NO CHANCE!!!
So anyway couldn\'t find any obvious buttons or owt to adjust the steering wheel:confused: please tell me there is an option to do this on sum RX7s else i\'m either guna have to go for a different car all together, spread my legs like a cheap ho everytime i wana change gear or get a steering wheel the size of a 5p piece ;) lol
HELP i wana buy one i do but that is a fair disadvantage :(

General Technical / traction control possibilities on a RX7?
« on: August 06, 2003, 10:20:17 PM »
Just wondered if race logic traction control or wotever can be fitted to a RX7 with any success &/or implications?
Just wondered as someone had mentioned it elsewhere........;)

3rd generation RX-7's / How tall are you & a problem in FD?
« on: August 05, 2003, 03:47:34 PM »
Just wondered as sum1 said over 6" you may struggle & i\'m 6"1 i never had a problem when i was in the passenger seat but just wanted to gauge opinion on fitting you big boys in? :D

Just need to know which exhaust to look at getting when ;) i get a RX7 from Japan. Basically my problem is i rent a garage off a neighbour who has a slight dislike of owt in that may shake the windows :eek: Now my current impreza has a big blitz nurspec bad boy on it which fair enough does give quite a roar with the flat four boxer burble type engine but fortunately has a nice bung which keeps it to a dull rumble ;)
Now i know the RX7 doesn\'y have the same burble as a scooby but i will still need to be diplomatic & have sum way of keeping zaust note down a bit when coming outa garage even if i do take it out round the corner so i can enjoy FULL engine sound :D So wot exhausts fit the bill for the RX7?

As in bit worried about the potential for flooding when i come out the garage in the morning in that i only go a dozen yards or so before i turn off & lock up. now i\'ve done the lurking thing on a few of the flooding, spark plugs etc threads but i just wondered if any of you just set a turbo timer so it\'s running while you do whatever & then just come back & carry on?
I know there maybe cat1 security implications ;) with a TT but if it saves me having to bugger about with the joys of flooding (when i get a RX7) then i\'m sold :D
Si (looking for cunning plans/reassurance ;))

General Technical / Learning how to drive a RX7 courses?
« on: July 23, 2003, 01:12:44 PM »
Just wondered as it\'s probably the biggest thing that would put me off getting a RX7. ie i\'ve been driving an impreza for a few years & while it\'s great & stuck to the road in the wet twisties etc it doesn\'t exactly assist my driver developement & so i\'d be looking for sumin track, airfield or wotever related where i can learn limits of a RX7 before i killed myself ;)
I\'ve seen Bob Rawles site & his fine reputation etc but wondering if there are any other suggestions for good track day courses etc to learn the limits of rear wheel drive if i get a rotary bad boy? :D

3rd generation RX-7's / What gets changed when in service? & costs?
« on: July 22, 2003, 01:18:52 PM »
Now i came across a thread the other week which had a nice breakdown of rough costs of what should be replaced how often on an FD accept plum mode on & despite doing the lurking thru nearly every thread i cant find it again :(
So in summary what gets changed when  on the service front? Oil i recall is generally every 3k with filter & plugs were pretty often also but please someone fill in the gaps so i can try to budget suitable amount for servicing a RX& & spend the rest on mods ;) lol

Bugger i was doing the lurking through old posts the other day & i came across a thread which had a nice little list of which bits you replace how often eg oil every 3k miles, spark plugs every :confused: cambelt never ;) (badoomcha:plol) with rough pricings alongside the bits.
Now retard mode on i cant find the bugger now so can anyone share with me how often it is for what to be replaced as a cunning plan & rough pricings?
For a FD RX7 init ;)

& also possibly of more relevance where?
Just wondered as i appreciate the joys of rotary & their limited numbers in this country mean there is a need to take them somewhere decent for both minor services & major rebuilds ;) (IMO anyway i\'d rather pay more for decent serviceon a decent car than somewhere cheap!) & also the relative lack of such places given the level of demand :confused:
Anyway when looking at skylines it seems there aren\'t any places in the midlands, but that aside what & where are the decent rotary places in my lurking someone had mentioned there were only 5 decent rotary specialists in the UK so please come forward & make yourself known.
To sumarise who & where are the absolute dogs do das rotary garages?
Si (i can fit a RX7 in me garage i cant a skyliner so convince me ;)lol)

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