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New to MRC - introduce yourself / Hey there
« on: July 17, 2020, 11:57:00 AM »
Hey there

My name is Manni, based down SE London way. Back in my 20's I lived in Oz and owned a half decent S2 RX7 which unfortunately was written off by the new owner some weeks after the sale (I did warn him to keep it on low boost until he learnt the car...) Anyhow, fast forward 20 something years and the bug is back. I am currently in the market to find relatively unmolested S2 or S3 to use as a weekend cruiser. I am not too familiar with the UK market, so any pointers on where to look, who to speak with, would be much appreciated!

Managed to find a couple of photos of my old ride. I doubt my upcoming purchase will get to this level again, but then again I did tell myself back in the day that I would keep the previous car 100% stock!

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