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Thanks again to Clive and Lisa for organising this event. Nice to finally meet you both as well :Thumbs-up Was a surprise bonus to go home with a cup (or FBling as it is now known) :rollinand I\'ll work on getting TWiR tarted up a little more for next year.
A great day out and I met some top people so that more than made up for the undecided weather. I hope we can get the group shot on the banking next time out as I was really looking forward to that. Maybe the rain put the dampeners on that one??

1st generation RX-7's / Quick photo of my RX7
« on: March 22, 2012, 08:34:27 PM »
OMG That is a thing of beauty. If I look at it much longer, my car will get mighty jealous. I assume it\'s ex Japan with those mirrors? Couple of quick questions..... what is your suspension setup and how much did you drop it?
who did your exhaust?
what are those wheels (because I WANT some)
Does it still have the AC stuff inside?
I need an excuse to come to Edinburgh (apart from the fact that my dad was born there and I\'ve never been) so the rotary connection might just do it. My car wants to meet yours so it could be a beautiful thing........
Gorgeous car, you must be proud.    I know a guy who may be interested in parting with some Koni coilovers, I\'ll make some enquiries

Clive & Lisa
Matt P & Swmbo
Steve & Michelle
Chris & Tina

Finally got around to changing the beehive yesterday as I\'m sick of seeing little oil pools under the car. 10mm spanner for the two nuts underneath, 12mm for the bolt onto the top of the motor and a 23mm for the oil banjo. For starters, I had to go out and buy a 23mm ring spanner (I\'ve got a 22 and 24 :Grrr) as there is no room to fit a socket. Those 10mm nuts look easy enough but they are a right PITA if the undersides of the beehive are coated in eons worth of oil and dirt.
The 12mm one is the easiest to get to but it was welded so tight.. millions of torques applied to the socket wrench, the customary TINK (so it\'s either loosened or buggered then) and then my left hand flying at light speed past a plastic connector, knocking that off and taking a chunk of finger out with the now exposed metal spade( would have looked great in F1 style super slow mo ).....swearing.....carry on until I notice plastic glove has blood sloshing and plaster....carry on. :mad:
Everything comes off ok, lovely brown water from it\'s innards and o rings are flat and brittle. Have now exposed more dirt and greasy muck to clean. Notice the water hose from the top of the cooler has been taped up, note to replace later. Luckily, I have a nice clean and dry beehive which was prepared earlier (supplied by Darkside Spares Dept) with some nice new o rings and so, in the best Haynes tradition, refitting is the reverse of removal.
Too dark to test for leaks so waited until this afternoon, fired TWiR into life, check for leaks, drive for 20 minutes, notice that low water light actually works (which is nice), check for leaks again (none) and top up coolant. Job done, finger recovering (thanks for asking) :Giggle
So, TWiR will be leak free for Brooklands and Japfest :Thumbs-up

11th March good for me too as I\'m not working....yay....    The April 1st one, can\'t say for sure yet.

Wanted Items / Front indicator lenses/units for FB Series 3
« on: February 25, 2012, 02:29:52 PM »
Holding my breath in antici......................................................pation!

Wanted Items / Front indicator lenses/units for FB Series 3
« on: February 25, 2012, 03:13:25 AM »
A pair of front indicator lenses or complete units. :Thumbs-up

1st generation RX-7's / TWiR....1986 Series 3 TWR
« on: January 22, 2012, 02:31:26 AM »
Quote from: clive;805259
Real good to see these pictures go up, rare to see a Series 3 TWR

Thnx Clive, looking forward to meeting you (and others) at Brooklands. If we all put in a collective order for fine weather now, what are the odds? :)

1st generation RX-7's / TWiR in Richmond Park
« on: January 18, 2012, 03:32:40 AM »
After an extended session at :godParagon Auto Finishing, a good excuse for quick photos in Richmond Park (Fenton nowhere to be seen) :rollin
Quite happy now to have her looking great as lots to be going on with in the stopping and turning department.
Also, still looking to replace the tinny (and way too loud) Janspeed system. Anyone got any suggestions or a spare back box floating around?

Quote from: Casey;805273
This is probably due to you using IE9 and a "bug" meaning to post correctly you need to change IE9 to "compatibility mode".

Guide on this link.....CLICK HERE

Am using Vista as well. I could not post anything anywhere using IE so tried Firefox instead. Can  post but can\'t do annotate excercse.
Perhaps it\'s a sign that I should upgrade to Windows 7


I have tried the whole quote and annotate excercise, the system keeps telling me that I have not entered enough characters, maybe I\'m doing something wrong..... anyways, have paid, thnx.

1st generation RX-7's / TWiR....1986 Series 3 TWR
« on: January 06, 2012, 06:06:19 PM »
A couple of pics of TWiR before she goes off to be showered and waxed. Still some work to do in terms of electrics, handling, (as in shocks, springs, steering and bushes) and breathing (swap the tinny old janspeed for an elford sysytem). All in all, a bit to be going on with (I can see all the Haywards boys rubbing their hands now LOL).

New to MRC - introduce yourself / Kiwi owner in Feltham middx
« on: January 06, 2012, 05:43:20 PM »
Hi there folks. Long time rotary owner bitten by the bug yet again. I bought my first rotary back in 1980, an RX3 coupe. Over the next 10 years I had a succession of rx2s, 3s and 4s. A break of 10 or so years and then a mint FC.

Have been in the UK for 7 os so years ans have recently purchased a series 3 FB so am looking forward to getting back into the rotary frame.

Hope to catch up with some of you soon. :Thumbs-up

Please add my name to the second list. (If I had been paying more attention, I would have been up for both lists so I have punished myself in unspeakable ways to make ammends). :Hammer

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