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New to MRC - introduce yourself / Who Am I?
« on: July 04, 2005, 11:16:52 PM »
Hi for those members who do not know me or have not met me at Club events, I am Lisa the Club Secretary.

I met Clive (President of MRC) 13 years ago and had absolutely no interest in cars, unlike Clive!  We first got into the "Rotary Scene" when Clive bought his 2nd Gen RX-7 and attended a car show at Ascot racecourse where we met up with the RX-7 Owners club.  After 3 years of being members, it was decided in order to make more people aware of the Rotary engines we would form a new club to cater for all types of Rotary engines not just the RX-7\'s, hence the rest is history!!

As Clive was heading up his new Club it was only natural for me to assist him and Glenn with the running of the club.  

For my sins and in my spare time, I look after all the day to day admin, ie manage the memberships, send out new membership packs, prepare the quarterly newsletters and organise and attend club events together with looking after the banking of club funds and membership fees.  

I am 50 years old, divorced and have a daughter of 24 who lives in Reading.
I work for a mortgage lender based in the Docklands in London.  I have worked in the financial industry for the last 20 years.

I briefly owned a rare black RX-7 carbiolet before having to sell it for financial reasons.  I am now the owner of a rare classic RX-4, which hopefully will be on show at JAE.

 :wave Please come and say hello and introduce yourself to me at Club events.

MRC News / MRC Members visit to Rolls Royce
« on: June 08, 2005, 01:03:13 PM »
HQUOTE]Originally posted by Ada7
I was only talking to someone the other day about their factory and was gone suggest it to the club that we see if you could arrange a day visit to the factory, but it looks like you beat me to it. I wish i\'d known about this as i only live up the road and would of loved to of seen around the place. :(


The trip was advertised in the last Newsletter to all Fully paid up Members only - due to Rotorstock, I did not have a lot of time to chase up people to see if they wanted to come.  

If anyone else would like a visit to any other car manufacturer,
then let me know by email and I will contact them on behalf of all our members.

Sorry once again that you missed this event.  


Originally posted by 20B_boy
Is there some kind of vendor arrangement going on here then or what?

Please see above (10% discount on production of your membership number to all of our "Fully Paid Up" Mazdarotaryclub members).

Richard is right, any normal garage with the equipment to fill AirCon should be able to undertake this job O/K.

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