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Old school Mazda's / Re: RX2 of the week
« on: Today at 08:38:33 AM »
Wonderful pictures, thank you.

Here's a nice example

Yes Jon, but they are located by two mills pins so if the alloy expands at a different rate they stay in place.
i think the base of the port was cut to low allowing too much gas to get behind it   

Really lucky I still have a car as you will see, one of the two secondary fuel rail pedistalls had fratured, so lucky fuel didn't spray and catch alight
Thanks to Steve who has milled these monster pedastalls these will never break  :great: 

Here's a picture of the collapsed front exhaust port insert which would never had been found had there not been the rear housing becoming split around the spark plug hole leaking coolant on the dyno 

Good news Clive
Should have it fired  up soon then

Should be running also with the new diff installed by the end of the week, then back to Pips next week. 


Why do exhaust insert collapse? Also what causes crack around spark plug holes?

Looks like the floor of the port was cut too low leading to much flow/ heat going up under the insert which long term caused the failure.

I had never seen this and Pip had only seen one before in 40 years!.

No real idea about the crack behind the plug.

Items For Sale / Yokohama’s 250 660/18 slick tyres
« on: June 13, 2021, 04:53:18 PM »
I have six Part worn ex World Touring Car  Yokohama’s 250 660/18 tyres in medium compound and all have good tread
These tyres will fit on to These tyres will fit on to
9J-11J wheels £100 collected

2nd generation RX-7's / Re: Japi's FC T2 Convertible
« on: June 13, 2021, 02:53:38 PM »
Real sorry to see this Jarno, you know I understand after what I had with Christeen :(

Before doing anything you need a compression test.

You dont need a rotary tester, just a simple piston tester will do.
Pull one plug from each chamber then just hold the compression test button in so it cant build compression then watch the needle flick up and down. Then do the same again on the other chamber.
Your not looking for results just that both chambers are doing the right thing.

If all is OK and you get the car going, please pull off an intercooler pipe so the turbo cant boost.



Getting there  :great:

Yep, that's my catch can oil drain 

So far on schedule for Coombe in three weeks time.

 Dropped the engine back in the bay today complete with two brand new FD housings >:D.

Turns out the rear housing had a crack around the plug hole which let some water in and knocked out a plug but also the front exhaust insert had collapsed, no wonder I had no power!.

Laughingly this also means that in the last couple of races with Track Attack I was also down on power!. 


How about semi pp? Considered that?

Power still won't come in early enough or smooth enough for me  ;)

Old school Mazda's / Re: R100 - are they a myth?
« on: June 12, 2021, 07:32:37 PM »
We had one at Castle Coombe a couple of years ago, so yes they do exist.

My old Mazda dealer mate, Alan Bryer, who is sadly not with us any more imported some when they were new

Just to expand on this HG Bryer and Sons who were the very first Mazda dealer in the UK Imported a total of 5 R100's

Old school Mazda's / Re: RX2 of the week
« on: June 06, 2021, 10:44:26 PM »
Still love an RX-2 2 door someone's very lucky

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