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Events Calendar / Rotorstock 9 - Who\'s Attending
« on: August 02, 2012, 08:07:17 PM »
1. Mir (SO)
2. Clarky 4 Tickets (SO)
3. Easylife (SO)
4. Steve & Michelle (SO)
5. Keith/Trind (so)
6. Grant (SO) (possibly my dad too but I will askhim) - 1xTICKET ordered via shop
7. Jim/Heidi (SO)
8. Shaunwil (W/END) -1xTICKET ordered via shop
9. GreySilver Beast (Sat Only) 1x TICKET ordered via shop
10. TiddlesRX7 (W/END most likely)
11. Marc S (*2 SO) 2 x TICKET ordered via shop
12. Brett +7 others (W/END)  3xTICKET ordered via shop   (4 others paying on the day)
13. Mark (SO
14. adib ( mite not have rx but still coming )
15. Chris & Tina (SO)
16. Casey (SO) - 1xTICKET ordered via shop
17. marcusd666 (marcus) (W/END most likely) 1xTICKET ordered via shop
18. Neil_jdmr (S/O)
19. davehg (x2 W/END)
20. Kodiak (1xSat + 1x"yet to be decided")
21. Ian.M (S/O)
22. madder & alibongo (W/END)
23. RX8Head (S/O) - 1xTICKET ordered via shop
24. AMH & MrC (S/O)
25. mpk490p (2x S/O)
26. Prof x2 (S/O) (sadly no rotaries between us)
27. Lacey x2 (S/O)

Events Calendar / Rotorstock 9 - Tickets Now On Sale
« on: July 08, 2012, 08:19:25 PM »
Just ordered 2 Saturday tickets...but I didn\'t need to click any further links or go back, just put 2 in the box...and paid???

let me know if I messed up :)

Events Calendar / Rotorstock 9 - Who\'s Attending
« on: June 05, 2012, 03:57:32 PM »
Mir (SO)
Clarky 4 Tickets (SO)
Easylife (SO)
Steve & Michelle (SO)
Keith/Trind (so)
Grant (SO) (possibly my dad too but I will askhim)
Jim/Heidi (SO)
Shaunwil (W/END)
GreySilver Beast (Sat Only)
TiddlesRX7 (W/END most likely)
Marc S (*2 SO)

Thanks guys, yes, the 90dB limit is a bit too low methinks, shame, as I like the idea of Thruxton :(

I\'ll talk to the chap at Bylton, thanks for the info - should please most people as it is pretty central...although the facilities are pretty limited...I am hoping to find somewhere that can support is with a restaurant at least...maybe a burger van or something could be the answer there???

I\'ll be discussing it with a couple of other circuits in the coming weeks, see what else gets offered.

This will be next year, late May / early June...plenty of time yet :)

Quote from: rx7boy;823688
Lol 115db here :) never going to get on lol,

I doubt you\'ll get into any of the track days :(

Yes, most tracks follow the same rules. They are allowed a certain number of days for "racing" - where noise is not an issue. Thruxton are allowed 12 days per year!!
The rest of the time they are allowed to have track days for "road cars" - and the levels vary by track - agreed, 90 is quite low...
I have a feeling I will need a more central track with a higher noise level...

Quote from: lowslowandold;823636
what about exile? fduk? some of the european guys on no pistons?

If anyone on here is also on these forums could post up details, I\'d appreciate it :)
I will be creating a website with more info in due course - at this early stage I am just trying to see what sort of interest I get :)
actually, when I say "I will be creating a website"...I mean Karissa will, of course :evillaugh

Noise limit is 90dB at 0.5m 45 degrees
Cost of £200pp is based on 40+ attendees - I would like to think that across the clubs we would easily get that sort of figure.
If enough people are interested, ticket price would be reduced - this is not a profit making venture ;)

Hi all,

As you may or may not know, as well as skulking around here with my FB, I am events manager for my other club of choice, Club323F...and I am looking to organise a track day next year :)

However, it seemed that a normal "open pit lane" track day can still be quite expensive, and there is a mix of people and cars that attend (not always a bad thing of course ;) ) and I figured if we opened the event to other clubs, numbers would increase, and costs would decrease :)

I have been in contact with Thruxton, and if enough people are interested, I can book the entire track, complete with marshals, recovery, medical cover etc - and the resulting cost per car would be about the same as a standard open pit lane day...well, the same as a half day in Thruxton\'s case...£200
The event will be late May/early June, hopefully with some good weather!

£200 might seem like a lot, but it would be a full day - 9 til 5, all day track access (although they can only let 34 cars out at any one time) and I am trying to arrange for a few other things during the day, such as a Show & Shine competition etc
There would be an entry fee for people not going out on track, something like £15, if you just fancy coming along for the day out, and to watch :)

Currently I am looking at MRC, Club323F,, various MX5 clubs, and the MPS club - basically, if it\'s a Mazda, it\'s in!

At the moment, I am gauging interest, getting a feel for numbers etc, so please let me know what you think, if you would like to attend, and any other comments ideas etc :)


Sorry Lisa, I didn\'t have the details at hand - it\'s called the Cross ways or something, and they only had a handful of rooms available (it\'s only a small hotel)
I had a snout around the local area last year and found it ;)

That\'s extortionate for a premier inn - I stayed at the one up the road last year for £29!!!

This year I have booked in at a small place, a few miles north east of the track, double room is £55 including full English breakfast - so I would suggest looking around a bit before you book ;)

Cars for Sale / Warning Warning Warning
« on: December 14, 2011, 08:14:58 AM »
Sorry, didn\'t spot he\'s actually charged VAT... :Hammer

Rotary and General Chit-Chat / H.I.D Kits
« on: December 13, 2011, 07:01:38 PM »
As previously mentioned...the MOT rules are changing in 2012, and HIDs fitted, with no self levelling and washers will fail the MOT ;)

Cars for Sale / Warning Warning Warning
« on: December 13, 2011, 07:00:22 PM »
You do not need a VAT number on an invoice - mine don\'t have one, the business does not turnover enough to require VAT registration ;)

There should be an invoice number though, otherwise how would they reference it?

Rotary and General Chit-Chat / H.I.D Kits
« on: December 03, 2011, 02:45:48 AM »
You will need self levelling headlights and washers for the MOT as of 2012...but you can simply change back to bulbs at MOT time...

I have cheap ones (£40) from ebay, and they have been fine...other people I know have had all sorts of issues - failing ballasts and bulbs, flickering, whine from the radio - same old Chinese cheapo stuff really, the quality varies kit by kit, and seller by seller. From what I\'ve heard, keep away from "OMG cool car parts" - seems to be one of the worst...

They are a bit pants in your high beam, as they take a while to warm up, and don\'t like being flashed on and off ;)

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