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What, your show-winning car, dude? I\'d be showing it off if I were you lol. In fact, let me help you there hahaha. @the OP, feature Steve\'s car, it\'s fantastic :Giggle (YHM by the way, Matt)

Cheers, Steve. Fair to say that yours would make a proper feature car, too, being easily one of the best FDs in the country (not to mention one of the most expensive lol).

That\'s the problem with the JP guy asking for cars on MRC, of course. If he wants FDs, most of the best cars owners don\'t come on here any more and are on FDUK, and those who are still struggling on, if they have a build thred it\'s in the Members Section and therefore can\'t be seen. That was why I stopped bothering to update my thread on here, I realised it was a waste of time because no-one could actually read the damn thing :confused:

Genuinely terrifying. This guy runs a dyno for a living?

As I recall Tony refused the mags a feature on his RX-8 because none of them would contribute a donation to Help the Heroes in exchange for the feature. I dunno whether he\'s rethought his stance (or they have) but have to admire his point of principle.

I definitely agree that old skool rotaries should get more exposure. Not just Clive\'s \'4 and the awesome Ralph the insane thing, but some of the excellent cars on Exile are more deserving of being brought to the public\'s attention. After all, the mags run features on like AE86 Corollas and like 240Zs, older rotaries are every bit as good looking, superbly engineered and much rarer in most cases.

Syed, no worries mate ;) Even if I was the sort to take offense easy (which I\'m clearly not lol) I\'d never get upset about what people think of my car. After all, I built it for me. If anyone else likes it, that\'s a bonus. If they hate it, that\'s their problem hahaha :rollin

Ada7\'s car....

Plenty of good stuff on there, genuine MazdaSpeed GTC nose, Scoot bonnet, KnighSports lights, \'99 spec base, T04R hybrid, top bombing.

Right, I\'ll stop spamming and go to bed now. Much love :Thumbs-up

In fact, I found the link to Ada\'s pics from the day. Here, if anyone\'s interested!cpZZ1QQtppZZ20

Some edited highlights lol

Glad I didn\'t dream it all after all. Thanks to Adam for the use of his pictures

While I\'m at it, Adam\'s car is every bit as deserving of a full feature. It\'s been in the mag before in a group test, be nice to see it get a full slot for itself

Thanks for the comliments, guys. Funnily enough, in reference to the OP, a reporter and photographer actually came down to me almost exactly a year ago and spent the entire day with me and the car, taking pics, writing a feature, took the guy out for a run in it and showed him what proper rotary righteousness is all about. This was after I got in contact with the previous editor to Dan Sherwood after he wrote an editorial about wanting to feature more road daily driven cars and get away from irrelevant track stuff. We agreed that my daily driven commuter spec single turbo 400+ bhp car was a worthwhile candidate, hence the inestimable Carolgees and Matt Richardson (I think) spent the day with us.

Needless to say, the feature never appeared, though you printed some pics I\'d sent in in the "Readers Cars" section. It was a bit annoying because my tuner had burst a gut to get the car finished in time (it was literally finished mapping the day before the photoshoot) and Adam very kindly gave up an entire day to help me get it sorted (we finished cleaning and polishing half an hour before the journos turned up.)

I\'ve since emailed the editor several times but he hasn\'t even had the courtesy to reply, which I consider just plain rude, really. I would have expected a reply even to say "actually, we thought your car is rubbish after all, thanks but no thanks." The photographer said he would send me a disc of photos but never did, either.

Adam had a load of pics on his photobucket he took of the photoshoot, but I can\'t find the link now. I didn\'t take any because I was busy doing the "interview" so its almost like I dreamed the whole thing. Carolgees will probably remember it though, we nearly got rear-ended on the "test run" by a pensioner. It helped him understand why I\'m called Lucky lol.

The only pic I can find now is one of Adam\'s that I retouched. Good job I didn\'t get all excited and tell all my mates "oooooh, I\'m gonna have a mag feature on my car", I\'d have looked a right idiot then, wouldn\'t I? :mad: Wish I\'d gone to Banzai now :rolleyes: All in all, a very embittering experience that led me to stop buying JP altogether after repeated attempts to get a reply to my emails (I just flip through it in Smiths now lol). Like I say, I don\'t mind the car being passed over because it wasn\'t good enough (which it is) but to simply ignore me is just rude.

3rd generation RX-7's / Look What\'s Back With Me Again!!
« on: October 07, 2011, 12:46:50 PM »
Yeah, me too. They\'re proper East Bear ones rather than the cheap eBaytastic Yank frog eyes aren\'t they, Dave?

Rotary and General Chit-Chat / Funny Pics thread?
« on: October 04, 2011, 11:23:37 PM »
Come on, M1tch, don\'t deny it! We\'ve all been tempted lol :rollin

Bet you\'ll be stuck with that tune in your head the next few days if nothing else mwahahaha :evillaugh

Yeah. It\'s utterly whack. The knock sensor is just a little placcy microphone and is legendarily shatulatory on the FD (assuming that\'s what you have). It tunes into all sorts of frequencies like road noise, exhaust resonance, etc, and interprets it as knock. Just get your tuner to dial out the sensitivity and ignore it.

If it knocks anyway it\'ll let you know by blowing apex seals out through the exhaust and/or turbo, which is a lot easier to interpret than a silly little bar graph on a Commander. Mine got up to over 200 once, which would clearly have blown the car to the moon were it true

3rd generation RX-7's / had a great weekend hayward rotary
« on: October 04, 2011, 03:29:26 PM »
Yep, respect to Carl. Who I might add, I\'ve spent enough time chatting to to appreciate that he has a sense of humour and is quite capable of standing up for himself if he feels it necessary.

3rd generation RX-7's / had a great weekend hayward rotary
« on: October 04, 2011, 02:40:06 PM »
Quote from: johnm;792027
Read the above - not sure why, what has this got to do with rotary engines?  Nothing!

Grow up
Tell you what, :censored: off then. Who\'s talking to you? Honestly, it\'s people like you that create all the friction and grief on these forums. If Carl\'s happy to PM me and have a laugh and a chat about it, wtf makes you think your opinion counts for jack? Pay your membership, then come and talk to me about who\'s relevant

3rd generation RX-7's / had a great weekend hayward rotary
« on: October 04, 2011, 12:15:43 PM »
You got the wrong man, guv :p. I don\'t believe I have polluted one of your threads thus yet. I asked a fairly sensible question about your RX-8, though not on the thread that\'s locked, if that counts :confused:?

Just trying to help, like. Clearly the internet in general and forums in particular are a bastion of inaccurate English use and I\'d normally never dream of being facetious about anyone\'s spurious punctuation. However I figured in this instance, since your prodigious banner actually represents a company (your own, in fact) you\'d want to know and maybe correct it. As I said, HTH ;)

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