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Old school Mazda's / Rx4/929 parts wanted
« on: January 16, 2019, 07:36:13 AM »
Hello guys and girls, long time no see 😳

Collecting rx4/929 parts.
Easiest thing to say is I need everything from glass, doors, lights, hinges, suspension etc

Just anything-the dream is a track car so don’t need pristine parts!
Based in Cornwall uk, I’m happy to travel Europe or posted be even better.
Thanks Rob

Cars for Sale / Mazda RX4 1974 3 door coupe
« on: February 20, 2013, 09:21:47 PM »
I have been thinking this over for months, thinking I can keep it and finish it, but Im just kidding myself and I want to finish my track car.

I will get more details up over the next week.

Comes with lots of various spares in various conditions

Car is stripped and just a rolling shell in grey guidecoat primer.

Spent a fortune on it but just gotta cut my losses and move forward with my fd

Will be looking for £2350 ono/px fd performance parts

Located in sw cornwall

Rotary and General Chit-Chat / Import duty again
« on: December 04, 2012, 01:14:50 PM »
So thought I would get some bits needed for the rx4, seatbelts and some chrome window trim few plastic etc, from the usa.

Total came to $519-50/ £336-95 all delivered

Got the Parcelfarce letter today to say they have calculated I owe £59.59 for customs duty, and £409.18 for vat? Thats a total of £476.77 on something I\'ve paid £336.95 for?

From what I read on hmrc it should be 2.5% +vat?

Anyone know what the tax/vat threshhold for importing older 2nd hand stuff in is?
All I can find is atomatic messages or to pay and try to sort it out after?

Items For Sale / fd3s later center cubby hole
« on: June 12, 2012, 09:31:27 AM »
I have in very good condition a late center cubby hole, If you have an early fd it would have come with a dirty ash tray, change it in seconds for this later handy cubby hole :-)
Looking for £65 delivered

Im in need of some money:( and girlfrind wont let me sell my body so my track car wheels are up for sale.

First up are the advan rg\'s. All are 17in x 9.5 et35, fitted with new Falken FK452 17/40/255 Front, 17/40/265 Rears less than 500 miles ago with next to no wear on the tread, used on the road only.
All ballenced and straight(I checked when I bought them and they been sat in the garage since).

Looking for £995 delivered to mainland uk-can send elsewhere but will need an address to check postage please.

Couple of light kerb marks nothing serious

I may also let my advan rg2\'s go which are in mint condition with toyo 888\'s fitted and only done about 2.5 hours track time, Im pretty sure they are also 9.5"wide will check offset tomorrow but they sit flush with the arches :-) fitted with 255 wide tyres all round

Looking for £1450 delivered
best pic I have at the moment

Items For Sale / pair of front wings fd3s
« on: June 12, 2012, 09:09:13 AM »
I have these I was saving \'just in case\' my track car is my only fd and the speed at which that is progressing I wont be on track very soon so these may as well get sold

They are in mint condition with no repairs or filler etc and are straight as they left the factory

Looking for £90 each delivered to mainland uk

Items For Sale / fd3s external door handles
« on: June 12, 2012, 09:06:09 AM »
I have a pair of freshly painted outside door handles
Painted black and fully cleaned regreased ready to fit your locks and go :-)

£80 delivered

Just had a look at a citroen berlingo van 1.9d but it only revs to 3000rpm, the salesman said it was due to the speed restrictor, which is the fuel pump pressure turned down... is this true or has he tried spinning me a fast one?

He did say they can turn it back up to illiminate the restriction so im thinking he must be telling the truth or he wouldn\'t have offered?

Any imput appreciated:thumbsup:

General Technical / Help identiying lights(old skool)(I think!)
« on: April 10, 2012, 11:43:23 AM »
I have been picking away at the parts in boxes I had with my rx4 I cant find anywhere on an rx4 these might go as they look like numberplate lights but not for the rx4.
Any ideas?


As the title im in need of some simple answers please!

The 12a block found in my rx4 originally had the 6mm carbon seals and I notice the later 12a block I\'ve also got has different/bigger ports,
Is that the only difference befor turbos got added?

Basically im shopping for new/good housings and possibly rear iron and need to know what years  can go for?

Thanks Rob

I have access to an old but working dishwasher about to go to the dump....

Are things like housings and end/middle plates safe to wash/clean in the dishwasher? or is there a possibility it will ruin the parts?
Or does it just not work?

Anything Engine/Performance/Tuning related / fuel tank msa/fia questions
« on: January 27, 2012, 03:38:35 PM »
Im secretly gathering parts again for the track car,so am on the lookout for a fuel tank thats msa/fia approved,

Im not out on track more than 20 mins at a time so dont have to be huge-maybe 25-30lts?

Looking at keeping \'system\' components to a minimum for cost effectiveness and number of things to fail, so do they come with built in fuel pots?

Whats the regs with mounting them in the car or should i cut the spare wheel well out, flat plat it and mount a tank under that?

What have you all done?pics?
Thanks rob

just sold my 1994 fd3s and have a couple of questions on first registration from importing.

(First number refers to the number on the form)

11-type aproval do I just write +10yrs in there?
12/13/14 type/variant and version- says in the guides you take this from the certificate of conformanity? do these stay blank then?
15/22/34 length/width/wheelbase do these need to be filled in?
32-engine number- do you need to give this or leave blank? where is it i thought it\'s ment to be under the alt on the front iron?
41-stationary sound level? fill in or leave blank?

I\'ll get hold of the dvla tomorrow but if someone here regulaly goes through this help would be apreciated!

Cheers rob

Rotary and General Chit-Chat / Car workshop/storage space how much?
« on: December 30, 2011, 12:02:47 PM »
Your opinions please!

I have the opportunity to buy the barn im currently renting(via a big loan/morgage), and was trying to work out if it was a viable business idea to split inside up into workshop spaces/storage for people like myself who like to play with cars/bikes/boats/vehicle restoration/sex dungen/whatever legal

-Each \'unit\' would be secure block walls with a roller shutter door which would be lockable
-Each unit has lighting and power(on a meter)
-Each unit is within the barn which means you can drive in and out of the weather to get to your unit (get a 7.5T lorry in no problem)
-Inside and out will be covered by quality cctv should someone try something
-To enter the barn would be via secure electronic keycard.
-I may provide a communual, 4 poster lift which can be rented for a set low price maybe £5 per hr on a one off basis/free to use for people renting a unit(terms and liability waivers would be in place)

-For a guide on unit size i\'ll be looking at maybe £25 a week on a unit 5 mtrs x 4.5 mtrs or 5 mtrs x 9 mtrs £30 per week (bigger also available!)
-unit height is aprox 3.5mtrs
-floor of the barn is level, and finished in an epoxy resin making it smooth and easy to clean.
-No yearly contracts

Couple other thoughts are;
-I also have a car trailer kept at the barn, that could be rented out at a discounted price.
-I may even get an air compressor in there with outlets in each unit if enough people are interested.

Barn is located in cornwall, near rame cross

So couple of questions,
Would this sort of unit be of interest to anyone in the area?
Cost? - to high/low
Anything i should do to increase intrest?

If you are part of a club in the cornwall area please copy and paste this on your site,or point me in the right direction, so I can gauge interest to see if this would be a viable thing to do!

If you are interested or think someone else may be, please contact me-my email is

Rotary and General Chit-Chat /
« on: November 05, 2011, 12:44:56 PM »
Just used collectmyparcel, for the first and prob last time.

I know because its a middleman type site its not all their fault, but a combination of them, palletways and the subcontractor to palletways for the southwest.

First they dont turn up on thursday- no call, no email to even say sorry we couldn\'t get there for whatever reason.It dont take much, i managed to make a call to the person waiting for their engine- it took a whole 20 seconds just to keep the person informed!

Then friday when they turned up in a truck with no taillift that didn\'t look like it was gonna last another 5 miles let alone the journey to a depot.
There is a specific question when booking through if a taillift vehicle is needed or you have your own forklift, I ticked the box to say yes it needed! So had to help lift the pallet onto the truck for the guy who\'s only words included huh and a grunt, its not the service i paid for.

So let the driver tie the curtain rail back up and asked if i had to sign anything, no he said, So asked for a reciept and tracking number- ugh i dont have any he said, so how do I and the person whos recieving the pallet track it?let alone if there is a problem and i have to prove it even got picked up!

How the hell do these idiots in business survive if they cant do the basics like comunicate and turn up with the right truck- i should of told him to f**k off and but after waiting in for two days all i wanted to do was get the pallet on its way and not have to stay in for another day next week :mad:

Im teasy as hell today to after thinking i\'ll have a nice pasty and chill working on the rx4, only for the pasty to have been put together from a mcdonalds reject and taste like s**t as well as they keep shrinking in size and upper the price.

Moral of the whole page is if you want something doing right do it yourself!

Anyway have a nice glossy front page, but are useless

Rant over

Have a nice day

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