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3rd generation RX-7's / Big thanks to Newera Developments
« on: June 17, 2007, 10:02:39 AM »
It was that time again, time to spend some money on the car.  This year was a little different though as I had been compiling a list of all the little things that just needed to be sorted.  The list was huge but Gareth at Newera Developments was ever patient and I am very glad to have found someone who has a level of perfectionism and professionalism as high as mine.  This was even more important for all these \'little\' things that some people wouldn\'t be enthusiastic about fixing.  I am looking forward to working with him in the future and am ecstatic that I have found somewhere that I can simply hand the car over to and they can get anything I ask done to it to the highest standards.

The main things were a full service and checkover, resolve a power drain that I\'ve had for years, fit flush bonnet pins and respray the front half of the car to remove stone chips etc.  Many, many other little niggles were fixed as well as previous work from elsewhere that was re-done to a higher standard.

To say I was very pleased would be an understatement - I feel the car is back to as close to perfect as it gets and I can start concentrating on more substantial improvements in the years to come.

One more thing, I recommend a £200 valet every so often as well :)

Thanks again!

As it\'s almost on my doorstep I thought I\'d pop along.  Spied the Alfa 8C, V8 Vantage Roadster, Audi R8, Lotus Europa S and Merc McLaren SLR (as well as the other usual suspects).

However, the Mazda stand held a pleasant suprise ;)

Rotary and General Chit-Chat / Hakkone Skyline Outing
« on: June 10, 2007, 10:22:28 AM »
Cheers to Russ\'s blog ( for pointing at ths thread of a \'touge\' run through the Hakkone Skylines.

Miguels RX-7 was holding up the rotary flag.  Here\'s a taster: -"/>

Jealous much?  Enjoy the pics :)

I wonder what the UK\'s equivalent roads are?

Rotary and General Chit-Chat / A dust free garage.
« on: May 22, 2007, 06:52:40 PM »
Whilst my car is away having the last imperfections removed, I thought I would take advantage of the empty garage to sort out the dust problem.

The floor is concrete and hadn\'t been treated in any way.  So I would clean my car and the next day it would have a covering of floor dust all over it.  Grrr.

So after nearly choking myself with dust sweeping the floor as clean as possible, I have sealed and painted it and am pleased with the result :)  It\'s no Mclaren F1 garage but it will do nicely.

I used a standard concrete sealer and garage floor paint bought from Homebase, the brand was "International".  Applied with a roller and a brush for the more rough bits around the edges.

Now all I need to do is plaster the walls, get a sofa and a TV in there...

Rotary and General Chit-Chat / Humbled by a Vauxhall Monaro VXR
« on: May 14, 2007, 02:50:48 PM »
I\'ve owned my FD for almost 4 years now and I\'ve only had a few rare opportunities to run against other worthy cars (I don\'t drive it that much).  Today, for the first time, my luck ran out and I was humbled by a Vauxhall Monaro VXR.  Through 3rd, 4th and 5th he just kept coming and was never left wanting.

Guy was a good sport, hazard lights and a wave of acknowledgement / appreciation.

I always run on my lower boost setting which probably equates to around 278bhp (fly), even on the higher boost setting, it would only have been 313 bhp - I don\'t think that would have helped against the 404bhp / 391lbft 6litre LS2 V8: -

Darn it, I always thought I\'d be happy enough with my current power output - even with reading about lots of big power RX\'s appearing in this country.  All I have to do is try and forget all about it; else it will be time to start diverting funds to the God of power...

Overseas / SevenStock9 Write-up (Oct 28th 2006)
« on: November 16, 2006, 01:57:54 PM »
Check it out here: -

I still wish Mazda UK/Europe supported us like their North American counterparts!

Rotary and General Chit-Chat / feature on Jap Show Finale
« on: November 10, 2006, 06:51:32 PM »
Check the link: -

It\'s the first time I\'ve seen them cover a UK event as it is a North American website.  A couple of pics of Stripey and the Dragon beast, no mention in the write up though - they should be more prominent next year ;)

Hi all,

Lots of creaking coming from rear offside suspension area before and after driving.

Very noticeable when reversing off my very slightly sloping driveway which I have to reverse to the right (right hand down on wheel) - tends to be more of a knocking.

I think it is getting worse or I am noticing it more.

When driving I can hear a higher pitched squeaking noise most of the time - this may or may not be related.

See (and hear) attached MPEG.  Picture lousy but sound is just fine.

Suspension is Tein Flex fitted 2005/04/08 (17 months or ~5000 miles ago).
Car was lowered and FEED anti roll-bars fitted 2006/04/25 (5 months ago).
All other parts involved (notably bushes and suspension geometry) are Mazda factory fitted (10 years old).

I started noticing a \'ticking\' sound after coming back from a drive and getting out of the car - this was after car was lowered but I cannot say if it was immeadiatley after or not.  I thought it was metal contracting as I had recently had a new exhaust fitted.  After trying to detect it today I have realised it is my rear offside suspension creaking when un-compressing.  I had just driven the car 0.2 miles ready to wash it.

Pushing down on that side of the car reveals the creaking sound as it compresses and the creaking sound when I let go as it uncompresses.

The same applies to the rear nearside suspension but it is not as noticeable.  The front does not exhibit the same problem.

Adjusting the Tein damping does not effect the creaking.

I have searched the forum, a couple of people have had similar problems which turned out to be specific dry bushes.

1) Tein Flex suspension damaged - after only 5000 miles?
2) Specific bushes dry - need lubricating.
3) Bushes worn beyond duty.

Can anyone comment?

Thanks in advance.


Shock horror, Chris posts pictures of a technical nature rather than a picture of his washed car ;)

Quite recently, my \'pressure one way check valve\' fell apart.  Thanks to Dave at TVMOT for pointing it out!  You can actually see it without having to remove anything (just below the pressure tank).  This affects the turbo control solenoid and turbo control actuator which requires pressure (and vacuum) to work.  Meaning my 2nd turbo would not be functioning correctly.

I did not notice any ill effects, which is perhaps more an indication that I don\'t drive/get the opportunity to exercise the 2nd turbo much.  It was definetly okay 2 weeks ago.

So, I wiped off my sweaty palms and removed the front strut brace and the pressure tank so I could get at the one way check valve.  I was expecting it to click together but no such luck, I guess some kind of glue was used from the factory, so I used super-glue to bond the 2 halves together again.

I\'ll keep an eye on it to check all is well - I am still waiting for the glue to reach full strength, (~12-24hrs should do).  Apparently it is common for the pipes to pop off the pressure tank, but I\'m not sure how common it is for the valve to fall apart.

I wonder if replacing the valve would be a better solution?

References: -

Can anyone recommend an MOT station in or around SE London?  I know there are a lot of East London RX-7\'s about - where do you all get your MOT\'s done?

Failing that, it will be a trip to Thames Valley MOT - quite a trek from SE London though!



28 yrs old
8 yrs NCB
3 yrs on the FD.
Always had a clean license.
SE postcode.

\'96 FD
Garaged, alarm, immobiliser.
Limited to 5000 miles, weekend car.
_Every_ modification declared with value.
Parts damaged/stolen replaced like for like.

Excess is £520
Renewal is £2115.15

That\'s what I get for moving to SE London, it increased by £800 from a LU postcode.  From some cursory ringing around it seems the other big contributer to the premium is the like for like replacement of modifications.  Footman James seem to be one of the few who offer this.  The rest will only pay out the cost of the original manufacturers part which in most cases will be substantially less than the cost of the modification.

I do not currently have the strength of will to try and find a better quote, probably because I know I would have to compromise on the \'like for like\' aspect.  Maybe I\'ll try tomorrow.


Under advice from the ever friendly team at" target="_reworx">RE:Worx and Miguel from" target="_newera">Newera, my latest round of mods turned out to be chassis strengthening as well as a completely new exhaust as I wanted to put a CAT back in (I\'m the only person I know who has put one back in).  I knew this would strangle the power a bit, so I hoped that the addition of a Knight Sports dual flow downpipe and a Racing Beat muffler would claw some of the lost power back.  Yes I could have upped the boost a bit but I\'m in this game for reliabilty so I did not want to jeopardise my turbos or anything else.

So, what has changed?

Knight Sports dual downpipe, Knight Sports high flow CAT and Racing Beat muffler.  After mapping my power at the wheels was down only 15hp to 263.6hp.  I am very happy with this as I am pretty sure I would never notice the difference.

I also had FEED front and rear anti-roll bars fitted along with FEED solid engine and diff mounts, FEED engine brace, FEED cabin brace and FEED AST (so no need to worry about splitting the factory plastic one).

I also had the car lowered on the Teins as I no longer have to negotiate an awkward drive.

Dropping and strengthening the car makes it really feel like it is on rails.  I would not say I am a quick driver but it feels fantastic and planted.  I do get a bit more vibration from the solid mounts but I can easily live with it.

A big thanks to the RE:Worx team, always worth the 160 mile round trip.  They provide an excellent, friendly and incredibly knowledgeble service and there\'s always the chance of bumping into more fellow rotorheads down there.  Thanks to Chris for some 11th hour arch trimming to get me on my way :)

Anyway, onto the pictures.

3rd generation RX-7's / A weekend of cleaning and polishing.
« on: March 05, 2006, 03:18:52 PM »
After watching the weather forecast for while, this weekend was slated to be sunny (albeit a bit chilly).  Almost perfect to do the twice yearly \'proper\' wash and clean.  I have to spread it over 2 days because I don\'t have the stamina to do it all in one session.

Wash, polish and protect (plus a good vacuum), all Autoglym products.   I\'m going to try Meguiars as soon as my Autogylm stock runs out.

As usual, pics don\'t do it justice.  Roll on the show season :)

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