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I. C. E. & Electrical / rear speakers?
« on: July 07, 2005, 08:24:02 PM »
Noticed when swapping my seats over to bins :D that i have no rear speakers at all, not sumin i\'d noticed before as well exhaust usually only noise from my rear\' target=\'_blank\'>\' border=0> anyway & front speakers aint so bad....
Er anyway do FD\'s not come with rear speakers as standard?

any cunning plans, i guess the cheap way is to just use a washer jet & point it at intercooler (guess may as well do it from the back of intercooler rather than trying to do it from where the cold air goes in) given as i understand it the gist is it\'s just the water cooling what it touches is there really guna be much point sheddig out more cash for a "proper" misting device? Saw a relatively cheap un on ebay
Going to be getting wi fitted but still wana get a spray as well given temps r soooooo bad on my standard intercooler so fishing for ideas/tips?
Si\' target=\'_blank\'>\' border=0>

Right i have me mitts on my replacement diff & local garage should be fitting it tomorrow in time for a play round Bruntingthorpe on Thursday....So thought it might be cunning to ask for any tips or likely problems we may encounter.
Basically i have kaaz diff already in housing etc with CV still attached as well as 2 quartz of oil. Inevitably the garage have more technical knowledge than me (i know it\'s hard to believe but some folks have been studying just to surpass my vast knowledge lol) but any hints tips or otherwise as to probs etc we may encounter will be gratefully received....?

Just wondering as i dont have funds for the intercooler i want (ie V mount or charge cooler etc) & my intake temps do like to go up somewhat on the stock intercooler when giving it a portion of the ole WOT.
Anyway bottom line what\'s the crack with water injection &/or any alternatives in terms of pros, cons & costs etc? My brain is hungry for knowledge (although limited in understanding it\' target=\'_blank\'>\' border=0> lol)
Basically would it be a wise & cheaper addition to current stock cooling system &/or performance goodies.....?

General Technical / is my diff toast & options?
« on: April 19, 2005, 09:21:01 PM »
Booger got my rear spoiler back on but inevitably another mishap may now be looming.....
Basically my car has started making a clunking, kinda like a steroid abusing wood pecker, sound at varying speeds & such like. My first thought was that it was just something stuck to wheel or sumin but sadly not. It was definately related to speed of vehicle as it was in time with rotation of the wheels which was measurable by my ear at slower speeds.....
Next thought it might be wheel bearing or sumin but way too extreme & dispight early thoughts dont think it\'s coming from wheels. Bloke who fitted spoiler reckoned it was exhaust or drivetrain related which thinking about it on way home made me think diff? Is there anyway this could be related to exhaust+diff, coming into contact or similar?

Symptoms are as i said relative to speed of vehicle & seemed to do it more notably when clutch was engaged when changing gear etc, & less so when accelerating...also a kinda squeaking at certain speeds which i wood normally of said was the readdition of the spoiler & associated rattles but it did also seem related to movement of car/wheels so presume thats same thing. At slower speeds did also "feel" like it was coming from the rear centre possible....could this be other than diff me thinks?

One thing i noted before these symptoms was a kinda hissing coming from the rear of vehicle which sounded like & i thought was just the sound of the rain water on the tyres but still did it when i came to a halt was a bit disconcerting but i figured it may of been the vehicle behind as it didnt last that long but does seem a coincidence too far now i think about it.

Still puts the power down well so not like it\'s poo\'d itself Brian stylee ;)

So any thoughts on what it is could it be sumin as silly as a leak which has drained all or some of diff fluid & all it needs is topping up or are we on the road to boogered diff & needing to replace or any other potential causes, exhaust or otherwise?

If we are talking dead\' target=\'_blank\'>\' border=0> dodo diff what are options with aftermarket diffs. 2 way & 1.5 both harsh at slow speeds? what are real pros & are there any uprated over standard or equal to but not total bastards to drive round corner ones?

Si (& impending credit abuse me thinks\' target=\'_blank\'>\' border=0>)

As it says on the tin\' target=\'_blank\'>\' border=0> anyone know?

General Technical / my graph nice & healthy?
« on: March 07, 2005, 05:24:58 PM »
to the amateur eye it is, any comments:

Was going to run a bit more boost but i\'m just happy with that considering it\'s under .8 bar by my calculations @ max bhp.

Wheels & Tyres, Suspension & Brakes / max tyres on 17x7JJ?
« on: March 04, 2005, 01:25:15 PM »
what\'s the max tyre size you can go on these size wheels, i;ve put a set of 235/45ZR17 on one pair just thinking the other pair of tyres i have (255/40\'s) will be a stage too far.....
Any thoughts?

just to get another stupid question off my mind\' target=\'_blank\'>\' border=0> what are the notable difference between the various porting options...
Now basics as i understand it is bridge will give potential big gains but idle real high & be a total beatch in traffic idleing etc.
Anything more specific productive or otherwise would be nice.
Love the idea of a stoopid bridgey but come on folks what\'s the devil in the detail........\' target=\'_blank\'>\' border=0>

So out of interest can someone tell me the actual, theoretical or potential pros & cons of a charge cooler over an aftermarket intercooler?

General Technical / Gull wing doors on a budget?
« on: November 18, 2004, 12:19:41 AM »
Wotcha reckon maybe good idea for a FD?

Qualifookintea\' target=\'_blank\'>\' border=0> pmsl

General Technical / Jacking points?
« on: November 05, 2004, 07:33:45 AM »
Just to show my stoopidity can anyone confirm where the jacking points are for the FD if it\'s specific to certain areas or otherwise?
Si (dunno Jack quite literally )

Just looking at changing my gearbox fluid & was looking for how to do this & any cunning plans on which fluid?
I see Gary does some "max" (Royal purple) variety which i presume is pucker just wondered if there were any preferences amongst you folks?
Already had diff oil replaced earlier in year presume that has no relevance wotsoever.....\' target=\'_blank\'>\' border=0>

General Technical / poorly gearbox, clutch or what?
« on: October 27, 2004, 05:26:26 PM »
Symptoms are that when cold at least in neutral when the clutch is lifted it makes a slightly grinding almost kinda noise & has previously given a faint smell of what seemed to be clutch. Revs slightly change & you can hear this slightly also..
This is negligable if noticable at all once suitably warmed up....\' target=\'_blank\'>\' border=0>
Now i presumed this might be related to clutch or release bearing things etc (read i dunno jack just presumed) but was pointed out to me today if it was doing this when in neutral it would be gear box related.....?
Any thoughts on possible causes etc?

as i say not very helpfull so hardly worth a post in the FAQ or such like but a few pix i took while my rear wheel bearing was being changed earlier today:

A) take a car & make it look like it\'s got big ass drag tyres on the rear (AKA jack up in the necessary way)

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