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Parts for sale / trust/greddy t88 34d
« on: July 28, 2014, 11:29:38 AM »
Too big for what I require so selling to help fund new turbo.
A1 condition, rebuilt at universal turbos 500miles ago with new wheels at a cost of £400.
Always been ran with an air filter

£450 delivered

Rotary and General Chit-Chat / garageREG housing refub\'s
« on: March 26, 2014, 09:33:21 AM »
Im pleased to announce that garageREG can finally offer this service to people in the uk, its been a long road and alot of r&d but the machine is now dialed in after a few issues with a coolant pump.

this service is not a miracle cure for damaged housing, merely a refresh of the existing surface

have recently built two motors, one with brand new oem and the other with our resurfaced housings and compression when tested at the same intervals was equal to the new oem housings which i wasnt expecting

points to remember before typing!
our service DOES
• refinishes surfaces of housings that are worn (mirror shiny) to almost oem finish = better compression
• takes away MINOR marks and LIGHT scoring
• remove chatter marks

our service DOES NOT
• repair flaked chrome
• deep gouges caused by apex seal damage after det
• cracks around spark plug openings caused by heat/high boost and poor tuning

we are currently working on the spot chrome repair for gouges that are not all the way into the aluminium

so, some pics

feed chick\'s 600hp half bridge motor that dropped a plug electrode at wot (see light score by exhaust port) and by leading plug hole, not to mention a prev oiling issue that put heavy wear on the whole housings during dyno tuning and using "bendy" seals we had to make do with at the time due to stock of our preferred seal being non existent , i feel this is a very good example

first pass of the machine


please excuse the light, i have a glass roof on my factory and pictures are very hard to take, i hope you get the idea.

this service is available through me directly or from my bum buddies
oldone racing
topgear stockport

there will be a cleaning charge of £20 per housing if they turn up to me oily and dirty before they go on the cnc so soak them in some fuel for a day and give them a scrub

additional soda blasting of the exterior can also be done for £35 per housing to make them look like new

price for the re-finishing is £125 per housing and pictures of housings would be needed prior to the work being undertaken to save dissapointment



Parts for sale / 18" volk gt7 with r888\'s
« on: March 05, 2014, 11:17:12 AM »

got a set of 2pc volk gt7 for sale with 235/18 front and 265/18 rear toyo r888\'s

rears are on the first wear marker and fronts have a couple of mm bef the first marker

rears have a 40-45mm dish and fronts 25-30mm

:censored::censored::censored::censored: knows what the offsets are, cant find them anywhere but they fit nice with stock arches (pic included)

polished lips have a few scuffs but nothing major

centre coins present

rear wear

£600 collected from bham

Parts for sale / ksp attain carbon fibre dash top pod fd3s
« on: November 06, 2013, 11:23:19 AM »
as above, brand new, takes 3x60mm gauges

£80 posted

Parts for sale / various high spec parts for sale
« on: October 23, 2013, 10:26:21 AM »
owner is Going ls3 with the car in question so all the hoarded parts are up for sale



prices are plus postage, collection from birmingham prefered

first off

turbonetics 72mm billet kit from ed, brand new still in boxes
i must say, one of the nicest kits made, we made 575+hp on the same turbo without the antisurge cover

details here:

£1400 FIRM!!!

hks gd pro twin plate BRAND NEW, i dont need to tell you how much these cost new
been professionally balanced at quite a cost to prev owner


turbo beanie


apexi pfc and commander with commander holder


pwr vmount kit with greddy elbow and turbosmart blow off valve

in decent nick, no major dents or bashed fins

catch can


centre speaker twin 52mm pod


Cusco 4 point cage
cant find the base plates but im sure they are there, but if they are not, priced accordingly


silenced 3" mid box (quite big) has been welded/repaired where the pipe meets the box


carbon front strut brace (wanted to keep this but wont fit with the ls intake i want to run


alu solid engine mount kit with spare steel legs


unknown make aftermarket flywheel


rotary works billet tb annodised black with black rw elbow




Parts for sale / Weld draglite front skinny wheels
« on: October 07, 2013, 12:51:22 PM »
2 15x4 weld draglite skinny front runners, keep the car stable at the top end. Comes with long studs and correct nuts (studs are on a 5x114 rx8 front hub but can be pressed out for you at extra cost. around a tenner)
No tyres

£150 collected from bham

Parts for sale / 6 port 10mm ali intake flange
« on: March 22, 2013, 09:53:47 AM »
like a bell i ordered the wrong flange

this is no good to me, anyone, ill chuck in a oem new gasket too

any use to anyone on here?

£30 delivered

also for sale on the other forums

feed engine damper £35 + del

feed oil cap £ 20 + del

Cusco catch can, mounts on o/s by the brake servo £35 + del

banzai sump brace, (same as dm one) no bolts just brace, needs a clean £20 + del

twin turbo cross over/joiner pipe, cut open and divider welded in, came like this on a car modified by feed in jp £10 + del

RE-A induction kit and heat shield, needs a clean (a bit dusty) £35 + del

collection from birmingham welcome


Parts for sale / red 3" trs 6 point harness
« on: February 18, 2013, 09:33:14 AM »
as above, having a clear out, bit grubby but probably the best clubman harness you can buy

£40 delivered

not on here often, prob best to mail me

Parts for sale / HKS twinpower and dm-motorsport coil relocation plate
« on: January 23, 2013, 10:51:17 AM »
hks twinpower type rotary, works perfect, no plug and play loom, just the diy wire in one (plug and play available from clive for 40 odd quid)
£190 delivered

DM coil relocation plate
moves coils to where a/c pump goes
all hardware to install, only ever test fitted

£75 delivered
or £150 delivered with a very low mileage set of coils



Items For Sale / xtreme rotaries 20b stud kit
« on: November 27, 2012, 03:10:03 PM »

bought but never used for my 20b project, was told by the seller and judging by the pic off the X.R site they are all there.

please note the 2 small bolts are not part of the kit

 would cost you well over £600 landed for this

£380 + delivery



Items For Sale / barnes 5 stage dry sump pump
« on: November 26, 2012, 08:55:34 AM »
another long shot here........
4  scavenge, 1 tank feed barnes dry sump pump with adj pressure reg built  in and  front pulley belt drive  :)

brought for a 20b track car project, never used, no longer needed

pictures on request

contact me on

vvgc £300

Items For Sale / drag auto transmission
« on: October 18, 2012, 09:29:41 AM »
rotary specific ford AOD serious drag transmission, with transbrake, comes with b&m pro pistol shifter, ROTARY SPECIFIC torque converter,  flexplate, bellhousing, starter and propshaft yoke £1000\'s spent on  this.

alot better and easier to live with than the usual c4 units!

im now after £3k for all of this
the money spent on getting the converter stall (a few times) and transbrake done cost twice that so no sitting on the line for hours waiting for the stall to come up!
serious interest can email me for more info as im not on here often as you can tell

columchadwick at hotmail dot co dot uk

please note that it\'ll only work with 13bre and 20b plates because of the reverse starter

to wet your whistle, its the same trans as this


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