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3rd generation RX-7's / what do you all think?
« on: October 22, 2018, 09:45:53 AM »
I just wanted to share a video of my car which was made by a youtuber some of you will no doubt have heard of. Its quite a good review focused on what it would have been like to pick up one of the gen 3's new from a dealer back in the day.
I wasn't responsible for the content of the video, I just lent him my car as he was really keen to do a review of it.
Have look and let me know any feedback or opinions,

Cars for Sale / 1999 Type RS
« on: October 25, 2017, 12:47:27 PM »
1999 RX7 TYPE RS in Polar white (Colour code PT)

Imported in August 2011 and owned by me since September 2011 so I’m the second owner after the importer. Nothing has been spared on the maintenance of the car, which has been my pride and joy. Rolling road with print out was carried out when I took ownership and it was producing 315bhp. It starts perfectly hot or cold and pulls very well through all the gears and stops just as well. The car is straight and in a great condition but does have some small stone chips and signs of being almost 18 years old.

Mileage history taken from MOT certificates is:
6.8.2011      44,784
25.7.2012      47,928
29.1.2014      51,942
2.2.2015      55,262
20.1.2017      58,252
Current mileage   59,421
Under 2500 miles a year for the last 6 years due to being covered and garaged for many months a year.

All the usual post 1999 face lift Type RS refinements including the large brakes, Bilstein suspension, the upgraded front bumper, new turbo set up, simplified solenoid and vacuum system.

Additional extras include:
Full Stormforce all weather cover with storage bag,
Front fog lights, 
Upgraded HID headlight bulbs with neatly fitted and wired in Ballast units which work on both high and low beam,
LED interior bulbs,
Clear side indicators,
Padded arm rest on center console,
Drivers door flip up lid box intact,
Aero wipers all round,
2 x Mazda Keys with 2 x immobilizer fobs
Bridgestone Potenza tires’ all around with plenty of meat on them,
Hornet Maxx 1 Category 1 alarm and immobilizer,
Bose acoustic wave unit in the boot which works great and Bose door speakers with inbuilt amps bypassed to allow them to run with the double din Pioneer AVIC-930BT touch screen Sat Nav system with neatly fitted and well hidden ND-BC5 rear facing reversing camera.
After market D1 steering wheel,
Jasma approved Stainless Steel Cat back exhaust.

List of works that all have receipts and history include:
August 2011 Compression test showing 8.4-8.1 Fwd and 8.0 – 7.7 aft rotor.
October 2011 All oils and filters changed, rolling road carried out with print out.
November 2011 Bilstein dampers removed, sent back to Bilstein for refurbishment and re-gassing and re-fitting. All rear bushes and toe joint bushes replaced with OEM, all silicone hoses replaced, new clutch and new rear main oil seal fitted.
June 2012 New front windscreen fitted to remove slight stone chips
July 2012 Full service with oil, filters and plugs
April 2013 New OEM solenoid box
March 2014 Engine rebuilt with new seals and springs including all fluids (Reworks carried out the work)
Feb 2015 4 alloy wheels refurbished
Sept 2015 Oil, filters and plugs
October 2016 Oil, filter and plugs
Oil and filter change 12.6.2017
Full valet 28.6.2017 with interior, engine bay, wheel arches and full machine polish with application of a 6 month paint protection system. Full details of the procedure and top up method can be found along with photos of the clean at JW Autoshine vehicle detailing or @jwautoshine

General Technical / Valuation
« on: May 10, 2015, 11:16:22 AM »
Hi All,

I have been here a while and posted a few times but I'm still not very good at knowing my way around the site so apologies if I'm in the wring spot for this question.
I would like to ask if there is a facility for getting my FD3S valued in a way that its not just a persons opinion but a club endorsed value which will be excepted by the insurance company. I have the facility for have an agreed value on the policy and i haven't changed that in a few years so am looking to get it up to date.

Thanks for your time,


Cars for Sale / 1999 Type RS for sale
« on: January 30, 2015, 01:32:40 PM »
Polar white 1999 RS in great condition. The only aftermarket parts are a S/S exhaust, Nardi steering Wheel and Pioneers double din sat nav stereo.
Standard 17 inch alloy wheels, good tyres. Bilstein suspension as standard which has been removed by Reworx re gassed and refurbished by Bilstein and re fitted. Larger 314mm front and rear discs with larger callipers as standard on the RS model.  It has the driver door flip top box in new condition and the centre console padded arm rest change box, front bumper fog lights and body coloured front splitter. It was fitted with the Bose acoustic wave as a factory addition but due to the head unit removal it now retains the door enclosures and the rear wave unit with all speakers wired to the head unit bypassing Bose amps.
Engine rebuilt was done by Reworx at 51955 miles, full recipes from day of purchase and all works can be checked with Reworx. 1 years new MOT Tax until 1st April (1.3 ltr for tax purpose)
Maintained regardless of cost.
11500 ono

General Queries / Hints and Tips on purchasing a rotary / Full Member
« on: October 19, 2012, 11:00:32 AM »
Hi All,
So i have been on here for a while now and have taken a lot of good advice and helpful information, i even found my latest car from speedline imports so figured id put some thing back and become a full member. i would like to know what happens next as i still cant get onto the members area and i dont know if i have a membership number etc.. can any one shed some light on this for me.

Anything Engine/Performance/Tuning related / Group buy
« on: May 01, 2012, 11:34:57 AM »
Hi all,
I am interested to know if any one has made a purchase form FDnewbie imports in the states and if so how did the transaction go?
I am interesting in putting together a bit of an order and thought id open it up to see if any one was interested in getting any bits and not do shipping all on their own.
Also if there is a UK site that supplies the same kind of OEM hard to find pats.. save all the shipping hassle all together.


Anything Engine/Performance/Tuning related / Stereo help needed
« on: September 16, 2011, 09:00:47 PM »
I have a Gen 3 1999 Type RS and it had been fitted with a Bose stereo system at some point, it still has the Acoustic wave in the boot but the wires have all be changed and the originals are not used any more. does any one have any info on the original wiring or a diagram for the factory set up. the factory wires are in the boot still but not plugged into it. i would like to use the wires again and the built in amp in the acoustic wave if possible..
I also want to fit a double din stereo but i dont seem to be able to find a mounting surround kit for this year of car.. can any one help me please?

New to MRC - introduce yourself / Hi from the VERY South coast
« on: August 06, 2011, 10:30:21 PM »
Hi all
Im new here but not new to rotary power, i owned my first 1994 type R which i imported my self in 2005 and im now just getting ready to buy another. I am looking for a 1999 or later with next to no mods, a type RS is ideal but im not too set on that at the moment. So if you know of any thing that sounds like i might be interested then please just drop me a line. Look forward to catching up with some people in future at meets.

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