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Got back on Friday evening after two days and two nights in Ball Hill - the home of Hayward Rotary.

Thanks to Carl, Ian, Bradley and George for tolerating me hanging around the workshops, for their awesome work and for being top guys in general.

A highly enjoyable visit, and most importantly my rebuilt 13B is now properly mapped.

My life is so much better now that I have boost again!!:3gears-rh

Back home on Saturday we got the weather I\'d have wanted on Friday for the mapping - but it meant I could try the new map and porting on some familiar roads and I am really really pleased with the results. The most obvious and significant difference is that I\'m now seeing full boost at 4000rpm instead of five.

And there\'s a lot more to come! Boost is currently a meagre .77 bar (on a T51 Kai). The plan is to see how the rest of the car (and the driver!!) get on with this. I\'m definitely going to do a brake upgrade. Then maybe I\'ll go on a second holiday this year and get boost controller channel B (for BEANS) set up.

I can also highly recommend the Furze Bush Inn in Ball Hill. Nice rooms, excellent food and beer, great service. :guinness

3rd generation RX-7's / The Mini Meet That Never Was
« on: December 02, 2012, 07:43:27 PM »
Set off bright and early last Monday to meet up with Carl and Sicknote, but thanks mostly to a 3 hour delay on the M6 I failed miserably and after a 500+ mile round trip met neither of them! :Hammer

Anyway, thanks to Sicknote for sorting the MoT and getting in touch next day, and to Carl for his marvelous engine that didn\'t miss a beat and was totally well behaved even sitting in stationary traffic for a good 40 minutes.

Calculated the fuel consumption on the trip down. 12 mpg!! :2eek

I also managed to arrive at Shell Bicester with an eighth of a tank, to find a deepish looking puddle across the entire forecourt. Didn\'t look so bad from the drivers seat, but I jumped out to find myself standing in a good six inches of water. Damp squelchy feet for the rest of the day! Must grumble :(

Here\'s a pic of the installed engine as promised for Carl:

I\'m a bit nervous of heat damage to the wastegate hoses, so I ran them through some braid that I had to hand. The boost controller solenoid is somewhere in here:

You can see the sandwich between the UIM and LIM - this carries some extra injectors. One of the downsides of this arrangement is that it makes the whole engine 30mm or so taller - if you look carefully in the top pic you\'ll see I had to modify the strut brace a little to clear the Greddy elbow.

And here\'s the relocated  battery, the undersized one I had before was struggling, so I\'m trying this Optima red-top:

Yes, that bracket is another Teapostspeed item ;)

3rd generation RX-7's / Teapotspeed Racing Exhaust System!
« on: November 22, 2012, 03:20:31 PM »
Oh noess!! The FD3 is TOO NOISY and the neighbours are forming a lynch mob! :Grrr

I need an exhaust bung and I need one quick!

Reckon I could improvise something if only I had a bit of 115mm stainless tube, but where to get some? :2Confused

I need a nice morale-boosting cuppa ...

Hang on a minute!!

Mr Teapot, time for you to make the supreme sacrifice ...

The Teapotspeed technician gets busy ...

I think a downwards-pointing exit is called a "Dolphin Tip"?  Well now meet the PG Tip..

Quiet as a mouse! (Almost ...)

Well it is scary to me anyway, even if you guys aren\'t intimidated.

Huge thanks to Carl, Ian and the guys at Hayward Rotary for their awesome work, and for making me so welcome on my visits.

Also thanks to Universal Turbo for the recon on the T51 - I can highly recommend them to anyone looking for someone who knows this turbo.

Here\'s a vid.  (The guy in the driver\'s seat is not actually wearing Halloween fancy dress :2eek)

Now I just need to man up and actually drive it...

Ooops. Due mainly to staggering ineptness on my part I just popped an apex seal :(
Time for a rebuild then.
Now, one of the factors in the popping was a boost controller that didn\'t actually control the boost too well. In fact, it failed to control boost so much that the poor apex seal saw the best part of 2 bar.
So now I\'m planning my rebuild and I\'m thinking I don\'t ever want to have anything to do ever again with relying on electronics to keep the engine safe. I\'m wondering why not just uprate the wastegate spring to a suitable value and have a purely mechanical system?
Does the EBC do any special magic that I don\'t know about? I know it claims to "learn" and "shape the boost curve", but what does this mean in practice?
The boost controller in question is a Blitz SBC, the turbo is a T51. The current wastegate spring is 0.75 bar, and I want to run (once I\'ve got the minor matter of the rebuild out the way!) around the 1.1 bar mark.
I\'d be very interested in opinions on this.

New to MRC - introduce yourself / Hello!
« on: March 25, 2011, 08:33:20 AM »
Hi from North West UK
Been a member for a while but never posted, so an introduction is well overdue.
Here\'s the silver:
The single-turbo powerplant is powerful but thirsty!
And here, lowering the tone of Google maps, is the daily car:
The powerplant is weak and wheezy but not thirsty.
Attached to the rear you can see my other weekend vehicle:
The powerplant is both wheezy and drinks loads!

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