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Wanted Items / Wanted: FC Engine - n/a or turbo
« on: September 20, 2014, 12:06:33 PM »
The good news is I\'ve recently reacquired my old rotary powered mx5 :) On the downside, the guys I sold it to thrashed it and then left it to rot in a field… The engine is toast. :(

So I\'m on the look out for a good running 13b from an FC, can anyone help me out?

If it\'s an n/a 6 port FC engine then I only need the bare engine. If it\'s a turbo engine then I\'d be after the engine complete with manifolds and turbo.

Cars for Sale / 1984 Rx7 s2, modified & restored, £4950
« on: September 19, 2012, 07:38:07 PM »

Regrettably for sale is my Rx7 FB s2. I\'ve come a very long way with this car over the past couple of years but it\'s time for a change, and I\'ve not got the luxury of enough money to run multiple cars! So starting with the basics:

Model: Mazda Rx7 fb S2 in Maya Gold
Year: 1984
Mileage: Chassis 94,000 miles, engine ~60,000 miles.
Tax: December 2012
MOT: June 2013
Location: Malvern, Worcestershire

Used by a chap in Nottingham as a daily driver from the late 80s till mid 90s, he then put the rx7 in his garage when he got a company car and pretty much forgot about it. A friend of mine bought it off him, and planned to restore it but then lost interest and I took it on. I started the restoration in autumn 2010 and got the car on the road by later summer 2011. I\'ve daily driven the car since then whilst continuing to maintain and modify it. I\'ve got loads of documents going right back into the 80\'s. Lots of MOTs, tax discs, serves reports, etc as well as a big stack of paper work that I\'ve collected.
I performed a complete \'nut and bolt\' restoration. The car was stripped, rust was repaired properly with new metal welded in following the original structure where possible, e.g. inner sill strengthener layers repaired not just outer sills. The whole underbody has been stripped and painted in POR15, with \'Stone chip\' paint applied to key areas. Every component was then cleaned, and repaired or replaced if necessary, before it was fitted back to car. There is long list of modifications, too many to list in detail, but these are the main points:

• 52mm Suzuki TL1000r ITBs, running on Megasquirt MS2 Extra with sequential injection, COP style ignition & Megaview.
• Mild steel headers with stainless cat back system.
• Aluminium swirl pot with Walbro high pressure fuel pump and standard lift pump.
• Innovate LC-1 wideband o2 sensor.
• Extra large aluminium radiator with electric fan.
• Lightweight flywheel
• Sprung centre brass button/paddle clutch
• GAZ Gold Pro coilovers front and rear with damping adjustment.
• GAZ camber adjustable pillow ball top mounts for front struts.
• Modified rear axel with re-enforced and repositioned coiler mounts and \'cammed bolt\' adjustment for upper 4 link arm.
• Poly bushes through suspension links, antiroll bars, steering idler and watts link .
• REspeed rose jointed adjustable lower 4 link arms.
• 15x6.5 et6 SSR Longchamp xr4 front wheels with 15mm hubcentric PCD adapter.
• 15x7 et25 SSR Mk2 rear wheels with 30mm hubcentric PCD adapter.
• Earls braided brake lines
• Pioneer head unit with Alpine speakers

All 4 wheel arches have been heavily rolled and pulled to make room for the wheels. The car has had a partial respray with a good finish, which has only been finished this summer. That said the body work is probably the weakest part of this car, there are a few car park style dents and scratches. The body has had a couple of partial resprays over the years and the paint has faded so there is a little variation in colour, but it\'s really not noticeable unless you\'re looking for it.

The interior is pretty original and generally in great condition. The vinyl on the top of the door cards is a little sun damaged and there is bit of wear on the piping on the driver seat (bout 2" long, see picture) but really other than that it\'s clean, stain free and generally a pleasant place to be in all its brown glory! The stereo sounds good, and having the megaview in the centre console is way nicer than having a million extra gauges about the place.

The car drives just as it should. It starts well hot or cold, pulls hard to the redline with that lovely ITB roar. Standard power for these is 110hp, this should be putting out just shy of 150hp. The gearbox is smooth though all gears and the clutch bites well. The clutch is a paddle clutch and as such a bit of an experience if you\'ve not driven one before, it has a very fine bite point and does a bit of squealing and juddering in 1st and reverse.

The handling is probably the best bit about this car. Whilst it will always be limited, compared to a modern, by it\'s steering box and 4 link rear end it\'s got a lot of character. The coil overs are pretty firm, but ride surprisingly well. With all the new suspension components the steering is a tight as these ever get and it really is a joy to chuck round some b roads.

Obviously there\'s a lot more to mention with a car like this than any advert can really mention. So check out my build thread HERE and feel free to email me at or call me on 07791 043 837 (it\'ll probably goto answerphone but leave a message and I\'ll call back :) )

More picture HERE and if you want any specifics taken please just ask.

Not many of these left and certainly not in this condition, it\'s cost me a lot more than the asking price to get this one to this state. it\'d be nice to see it goto a good home where it\'s driven plenty and enjoyed.

I\'m asking for £4950.

Rotary and General Chit-Chat / Mazda Marketing
« on: April 05, 2011, 08:06:40 PM »
Have any of you guys seen the new Mazda tv advert/branding?

There\'s a whole bunch of short films there, of which the TV ads are cut down versions.

It\'s all based around brand concept rather than specific models. As someone who makes these kinda videos (for less cool clients I might add!) for a living it blew me away. The films are really nicely put together and the whole defy convention thing is really cool.

So the question is, is it one of those things which people who\'ve experience of marketing think is awesome and the public think is \'meh\', or is it genuinely cool? :P

1st generation RX-7's / Rear brakes interchangeability
« on: March 26, 2011, 09:10:28 AM »
As most of you know I\'ve been putting lots of time into thinking what I should do with the brakes on my FB. Certainly I\'ve decided to upgrade front front brakes to either FC brake or something more special.

With the rear brakes the general consensus seems to be that good pads and discs are perfectly adequate, especially with correct re-biasing.

Basically I\'m writing this topic to ask if I can use the superior s3 pads, callipers and disks on the rear of my s2? I know I\'d need to re-drill the disks, but are there any differences on the end of the axel?

Even if I stick with s2 rear brakes I\'ll need a calliper refurb and new disks and pads, so if its just the re-drilled disks that are needed to go s3 I might as well!

Was It You I Spotted? / Red FD, tonight in Worcester
« on: March 23, 2011, 10:38:43 PM »
Saw my first rx7 in and around Worcestershire tonight!

Was a red fd, with some sort of kit ( looked nice), just stopped on the side of the road near the Shrub Hill area of Worcester this evening.

Anyone on here?

1st generation RX-7's / Rexanne - Gold s2 restoration project
« on: October 10, 2010, 09:56:18 AM »
Well yesterday afternoon I made the first baby steps on my project, so I thought I\'d get a thread started.

Firstly, I\'m Steve and over the past 6 months I fitted a 13b into my mx5, as some of you may have seen at rotorstock. Its turned out amazing and makes for a fantastic drivers car. Unfortunately in the time between the project starting and completing it I now need to do many more miles and I cannot afford to use the 13b mx5 as my daily driver.

After lots of thought I\'ve decided to sell the 13b mx5, but a normal mx5 for daily use and re-invest the money from the sale into restoring a 1st gen.

When I was looking for an engine and gearbox for my mx5 I spotted a bargain on ebay. A760 EPH was a gold s2 1st gen that hadn\'t moved in 10 years, and to the untrained eyes of my friends and I looked like it wasn\'t far off getting back on the road! ( I\'ve read since it was posted in the \'how many first gens running\' thread that it was probably just a breaker!) Not only did it look an interesting car project for my friend but it came with an s4 13b and gearbox as the previous owner had planned to do a conversion but never got that far.

The auction ended at £281, which was a total bargain really. Ever since we went to view the car before the auction ended I had a bit of a soft spot for it. There\'s something about it that has so much character, so when I\'m looking for a 1st gen project and Ross was loosing interest in it for various reasons it was the natural choice.

So picture time... Here\'s how she stood when we arrived at Ross\'s aunts where she was stored:

First thing to do was to loosely re-assemble the rear end so it can be pushed around, and onto a trailer to transport to mine soon. Ross had taken it to bits to start refurbing the suspension links but got not further than taking it to bits really.

He/we had already stripped the rear seats out to investigate the rust better, so we took it all out of the car and organised it. I\'ve brought it all home with me now to clean and store in a dry environment.

With all the stuff out of the car its fairly clean inside. Thought its very obvious how bad the rust on the upper suspension link mounts is.

Finally we got any remaining water out of the car, there\'s some rust holes round the lower edge of the rear hatch letting rain in, and put a car cover over her till I can come and collect her in a week or two.

Thats as far as we got yesterday. I\'ve gotta do some work on the garden to make room for her next then organise a trailer to transport her to her resting place for the next few months while I fix her up.

The plans once I\'ve get her here is to sort out the welding thats needed on the front wing, both upper suspension link mounts, both rear sills and the small holes round the rear hatch. Then it will need a complete set of bushes, and all new brake lines. That should get it through an MOT I should think.

After that I think I\'d like to fit some appropriate retro japanese wheels, quite possibly Watanabes. I\'d like to try and get hold of the re-speed \'coilover\' kit front and rear to improve the definitely aging standard stuff on this car. The interior is in prettygo condition really, but not sure whether it will stay or if its a weekend car it may get stripped for fixed back buckets and that race car feel. Engine wise its currently got a powerflow full system on it, but is otherwise standard. I\'m quite tempted by the idea of twin throttle bodies, in a webber IDA style design, with Megasquirt fuel injection and using 2nd gen CAs and coils for electronic ignition timing. On the other hand maybe a 13b would find its way in.

Finally from me today, about the name. Project cars have to be girls. They cant be boys, they need too much time and love and attention and are far to unpredictable and touchy :P Ross has generally called it \'the rex\', so my friend Ian suggested Rexanne, and then if any warning lights come on we could sing \'you don\'t have to put on your red light....\' with an appropriate era of music reference!:rollin

Anything Engine/Performance/Tuning related / This doesn\'t look good....
« on: August 22, 2010, 11:11:32 AM »
On the way home from rotorstock yesterday (which was awesome fun :)) my mx5 with 13b from an n/a FC broke down. :(

On the a45 I suddenly noticed the temp had jumped off the scale. I was right by an exit so cut the engine and coasted off the road. Turns out a radiator hose had popped off and it had dumped all the coolant.

A very nice passer by volunteered to go to his home and bring me enough water to fill her back up, which he did and I drove it home very gently, keeping revs as low as possible. Probably didn\'t go over 2.5k. It made it the 90 miles home, and the level in the expansion tank hadn\'t changed.

This morning when I checked it the expansion tank was empty and the cooling system itself had lost some. The radiator was still full but the filler neck wasn\'t. I couldn\'t spot any leaks externally.

So I did the champagne test.

Watch in HD and you can see more.

I started the car from fully cold. The water stayed totally bubble free till it get upto temp, then it started to bubble as shown in the video. Rate of bubbling increased with revs.

Can someone please confirm its f**ked? :eek: :(:(:(:(

I\'m not sure why the radiator hose popped off, I\'d run for 1000 miles or so since I built the car with no problems. The hose that popped was the only join that wasn\'t beaded, so I know its my lazy fault, it was on the list of things to do but it hadn\'t seemed a problem as it had held water fine. I don\'t know if the seal went which pressurised the system and blew the hose off, or if the hose worked its way loose, dumped the coolant that overheated it and killed the seals.

If it is dead as I think I\'m gonna have to have a long think about where to go next with it. I had been talking about getting a 4 port bridge built up for it for the future but currently working with £0 budget :(

2nd generation RX-7's / Alternator Wiring
« on: July 19, 2010, 10:57:00 PM »
I\'m in the process of finalising the wiring for my FC EGI engine swap in my Mx5, and I\'ve come across a wiring problem I could do with a little help with!

The mx5 and rx7 alternators both have 3 connections, one main thick wire that  bolts down to the alternator, that carriers the power away, and a pair of smaller wires that are only signal level.

With a combination of wiring diagrams and testing I know which of the two smaller wires feeds the charging warning light in the dash on the mx5 side of the loom, but I\'m struggling with the rx7 alternator side.

I have a workshop manual downloaded off the internet, but the wiring diagram is probably one of the worst I\'ve dealt with! I\'m struggling to make heads or tails of it with the alternator issue.

Can any one tell me which of the two pins on the rear of the alternator feed the charging warning light in the dash please?

Hi guys.

I\'ve been lurking here for a while, slowing learning about these roundy-roundy engines, but I thought it was time to say hi.

I\'m Steve. A couple a years ago I bought an mx5. She looked like this:

88k on the clock, a whole 88hp at the wheels... Either way I loved the drive and roof down experience and realistically it was 100 times better than any of the \'classic\' british roadsters I\'d been to test drive.

Very soon I joined an mx5 forum and started to get tempted into performance modifications.....

Thats how she stands now. 200+ hp from the standard engine, turboed with different cams and megasquirt.

Anyway, meandering back towards rotaryness..... I\'ve always lied the idea of a 7. I love the lines of an FD and to me one of the most appealing things is the concept of rotary power. It seems to hold many similarities with two strokes, and I adore my two stroke motorbike. I had a Ducait 748 for a while, which was a work of art, but was blown away by the riding experience of a 20 year old knackered mismatched rgv250. I\'ve now done a complete rebuild on her mechanically. Crank, top end, gearbox, all suspension bearings, all brakes, the list goes on. Still havent started on body work.....

So yeh rotary.... So I started reading more and more about rotary engines and I really like the idea. I was soooooo close to going out and buying an FD a few months ago, but there are just too many draw backs for me and the way I use my car. The biggest draw back is the lack of soft top. You cant beat a nice summers evening with a lady in the passenger seat and the roof down.... I know I could get an FC vert, but they just don\'t do it for me.

Having decided I couldn\'t quite go for an FD, I\'ve decided I\'d like to do a rotary swap into my mx5. I\'ve been doing lots of reading on the internet and I\'ve found masses of information. Its not an easy swap, infact is easier to drop an ls1 v8 from a corvette in than the 13b, but I like a challenge.

One thing to my advantage is that I\'d like to try n/a for a while, I\'ve enjoyed  having turbo power delivery for the last year but I\'d like to experience the pure revvy feeling of high tuned n/a. I very much like the idea of throttle bodies and quite an aggressive port and hopefully to end up near the same power as my current set-up. That said I\'m not very power focused, more experience and feel focused.

If I start with an n/a 13b from a FC there is one big advantage over any other rotary. The FC n/a gearbox is basically the same as an mx5 gearbox. By using parts from both I can use the FC bell housing and bolt upto the block easy yet retain all the mx5 mounting points, the mx5 prop and rear end.

I will need heavy modifications to the front subframe, or possibly to buy a posh tubular one from the states, to clear the 13b sump. I\'m gonna need custom engine mounts. I\'m gonna need a fully custom exhaust. I\'m gonna need to organise some engine management, I plan to use megasquirt.

I\'ve picked up a dead 13b, with good gearbox from a friend to use as template for subframes and stuff, and this week I\'ve started to sell of my turbo bits to raise some funds, so its project go! I\'ll try to keep this updated.

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