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New to MRC - introduce yourself / Marcel & Marianne
« on: May 26, 2014, 01:04:22 PM »
Hello all,

Finally got around to introduce ourselves.
Right we are Marcel and Marianne and we live in the Netherlands ( we all make mistakes ;- )
We both own a FD one left hand drive and 1 right hand drive.
We started out with a righthanddrive after i sold my 323F lanais.
The car looked really nice and i had no clue what to look for but i took the gamble.
Since the engine was still on warranty i thought i was safe boy was i wrong.
The company that build the engine is WGT and after 2 weeks it blow up.
Here is a whole story that i will get back on the next time anyway.
After a BIG disappointment and lot s of money i got to a real tuner and they gave back the confidence in rotary and what it s all about CARL HAYWARD.
They have an excellent team and they are really helpful.
I was going to map the car at Carl Hayward s place but he told me he wash t comfortable with the engine.
So i took a week of from work and went over to rebuild it with them (no secrets) where do you get such an opportunity ?.
We took the engine out of the car and took it apart AND Carl was right a damaged rotor was in it and one housing was wrecked man i was so disappointed with WGT i could t believe it.
Also really glad that i saw it with my own eyes because we took the engine out together and disassembled it together.
I was furious and did not know what to do i thought i  am going to sell it because we didn t want to spent any more money in rotary.
Carl took us to a whole other level and we rebuilder the engine,he did a large street port along for my GT 35 R and ran in the engine.
We went back for the final map and we loved it right away.
We took the car to SPA Francorchamps,Assen,Zandvoort and normal road use even to japfest the car ran every time without any problems.
Many Many thanks to CARL HAYWARD and his great team to keep our dream alive and show that there are tuners out there who care and not only for the money.
I highly recommend CARL HAYWARD if you want a powerful and reliable engine in your RX-7 than not to mention the friendly team and they are always in for a joke many thanks again to     CARL HAYWARD ROTARY.

Second of all.

We like to thank ED RX-7 parts.
We bought a turbo from tubonetics of of him.
We installed the turbo and registered it ( we thought ) we never got an answer back.
We drove for about 500 miles and SMOKE oops.
Contacted ED and he said nothing came true with the registration of the turbo but...
Ed contacted turbonetics and had to really try hard after several  e mails he said:
Send over  the turbo to turbonetics with all the lines.
After a couple weeks Ed contacted us again with good news that he arranged it with turbonetics as warranty.
The postman got by and when we opened the box a brand new turbo was in it what a great job from ED RX-7 top lad and really nice to do business with highly recommendable.
What was the problem in the end we mounted the turbo without a restrictor and since the rotary engine has a lot of oil pressure the seal went.
It s back on the car now with a restrictor.
Ed thnx again for all the effort.

We will post some pictures soon of the projects we are doing now on the cars.
this is it for now.


Marcel en Marianne

Wanted Items / engine
« on: September 10, 2013, 06:31:15 PM »
20B  C ore D block someone ?

Wanted Items / carbon vortex generators
« on: June 16, 2013, 10:41:17 PM »

somebody has some carbon vortex generators ??? for sale ???
or knows where you can get or order them ?


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