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Rotary and General Chit-Chat / Rewriting the past
« on: July 11, 2011, 05:42:41 PM »
I can\'t help but notice that a recent thread which amounted to little more than a personal attack on me in reaction to a comment made on a totally separate forum has recently been removed from the boards completely.

One can\'t help but wonder if this has been done to spare the blushes of the moderator who initialised the thread, in I might add, a rather unprofessional and needlessly provocative fashion. Maybe even further conclude that this can only be a tacit statement that it was so utterly out of order that the usual excuse of "I was saying it as a club member, not as a moderator" won\'t even wash this time?

I had no problem with the thread being moved to the members section, and the mod team were civil enough to at least let me know. Given that it should never have existed in the first place though, is it not unseemly in extreme to re-write history to pretend that it never happened at all?

It is a fine irony that I have been marginalised for upsetting people on this forum with flippant and/or sarcastic remarks yet a spiteful, unecessary and petulant attack directed at me (a paying full club member) in abuse of a moderation position is allowed to be hastily marginalised and then erased as if it never happened. I would have thought maybe an apology would have been a more appropriate response?

Interested to see what the answers are...

Events attended / Pics from Japshow
« on: June 20, 2011, 12:33:42 PM »
Here we go then... no-one else seems to have bothered so I\'ll plop some up shall I? Didn\'t bother uploading loads of individual pics of everyone\'s cars cos Gary already did that over on FDUK and I CBA repeating loads of pics, so you\'ll have to put up with my arty nonsnse lol
FDUK stand (detail)

Loving Mr Nash\'s new livery

Acceptable wear and tear

This one\'s mine and I make no apologies for including a pic or two lol. Figure I\'ve earned that much

detail of the FDUK stand err detail

Had to include this one after Steve told me how much it cost. Shan\'t embarass him, but it was around 650 more than my Kakimoto cost :eek:

Adam\'s high tech jack strategy

Was It You I Spotted? / Innocent Blue late FD on trailer A27
« on: June 11, 2011, 08:19:53 PM »
Caught you up around lunchtime north of Brighton. Sorry about the noise, still running in :o. Thought "that looks like an FD on that trailer up ahead" and it was, Innocent Blue late spec model with a Knighsports dual flap wing thing, looked like Buddy Clubs too?

Oooo are yer?

Rotary and General Chit-Chat / Thruxton British Superbikes
« on: May 30, 2011, 09:45:24 PM »
Just got in from a very soggy day at the British Superbike round down in distinctly non-sunny errrr whichever county Thruxton\'s in? Hampshire? Somewhere like that. Anyway, th\' boy Dickens instructed me yesterday to take some photos so I did and thought I\'d put some up for anyone who might like a look.

I\'ll put them up anyway whether you\'d like a look or not, and if you don\'t, you can just ignore them, yeah?

Good turnout even though the weather was bloody awful, and a really bizarre mix of bikes in the bike park...well, not really a bike park, more a sort of soggy muddy field :confused: Anarchic CCM supermoto in the foreground with prepsoterous ride height, for example....

Old skool Guzzi cool, this is the sort of bike I grew up wanting, but then I am old and I blame the Joe Barr Team comic strip...

Time was you\'d never have seen a Ducati out in weather like this, not because the riders are necessarily lightweight, but more because the electrics would fritz out in the rain and blow the bike up

Italian always sounds so exotic doesn\'t it? I don\'t think "Narrow-Head Evolution" quite has the same ring to it...

This was an odd one to find at a race meet...Harley thing with preposterous handlebar tassels and all. The dude must be crying into his Austosol after this chrome was left out in the Deluge all day!

Proving Barryboys style abominations aren\'t the sole preserve of cars.. I bring you terrible michelin man decal, logo colour-matched bar grips and most heinous of all.....Farbon clutch lever! The horror, the horror...poor SP2

Not a bad fleet of safety cars.. wouldn\'t mind a day job tooling around in GTR35s even if they do have silly stripes and flashing lights. They look sooooo slow though, even against the supersport 600cc bikes they\'re half a lap down on the first lap hahaha

Packed grandstands despite the shlte weather, we is hardcore us biker dudes lol. This isn\'t a really bad quality picture (arguably), that\'s rain!

Shakey Shane Byrne, quite literally in a class of his own.

Ben "the Elbow" Wilson proving how ridiculously far you can get a 600 on wets over even in a monsoon!

Yamaha America speedblock on yellow paintscheme, still the best colour to paint a Yamaha since we\'re not allowed Marlboro any more

You didn\'t want to be at the back, spray was a slight issue lol. At one point my mate Dave said "I wouldn\'t fancy riding around in this weather!" I had to point out we still had about 100 miles of riding around in this weather to get back home again. Mind you, these boys were a bit faster than us...

Harley one-make support race! Yes, that does say "Harley" and "race" in the same sentence. For those who associate Harleys with fat balding middle-aged bankers and accountants hitting the male menopause crisis, this should change your mind. Unbelievable how these boys get gurt big chunks of pig-iron to throw shapes like this, in the wet too!

Even some of the promo girls seemed of better kwol than the munters that infest Santa Pod and suchlike...I fell quite profoundly in lust with the one on the right here...

Mr Shane Byrne again. A bit good...

That\'s it really. I\'ve got trench foot and vibration white finger, but a top day out as always... you F1 guys probably wouldn\'t understand, this is a form of motorsport that involves overtaking people...oh I give up, ask yer dad!

Thanks for looking in, now go away :D

Rotary and General Chit-Chat / 11 000 post party
« on: May 02, 2011, 05:50:24 PM »
Yep, it\'s that time again :D

despite Kev\'s best efforts to mute my celestial glory by hacking out about a million random posts, I\'ve still managed to reach the not incosiderable milestone of 11 000 posts of pure quality. OK, some weren\'t that high a quality, but y\'know :rollin

Right, best crack on, I\'ve got to get to bed early cos I\'ve a 3 o\'clock start tomoz, so get the gins in and we\'ll tie on a session :guinness Farting and swearing is practically mandatory :D

Rotary and General Chit-Chat / Someone I\'d like you all to meet....
« on: January 27, 2011, 09:19:13 PM »
....the rotorhead of the future :) This is little Niah Alice, born today at 11:01 by caeserian section and weighing a petite 6lb 4oz. Her and her mum are both doing well :D

Doesn\'t she just reek of awesome? :D She\'s a li\'l tiger too, she can already support her own head, which is like superhuman at less than a day old, she\'s got her mother\'s cussedness! She\'s already managed to wee all over her own head too, which is something I thought only boys could/were thick enough to do. Fantastic!

Even Mr C seems to like his new baby sister, and thought she was cute, though he was a bit dissapointed she doesn\'t really say much lol

Rotary and General Chit-Chat / Yet another party
« on: January 25, 2011, 12:04:11 PM »
Well, in light of depending how you look at it, either a) Kev\'s ill-advised attempt to free up server space by deleting old irrelevant threads, or b) a glitch in the Matrix lol it\'s time for my second 10,000 post party of the month :Giggle

All welcome as always, bring a bottle and a lap dancer :yes

...the irony is that he\'ll probably delete this thread as an irrelevance and then I can have another party in a few days time, thus neatly contravening all his good work (or the Matrix will heal itself and they\'ll have to send another Agent after me, depending on which view you take) :rollin

Rotary and General Chit-Chat / The end of an era
« on: January 16, 2011, 09:52:04 PM »
No, not Uncle Era fortunately :eek: He\'s going strong with many good years in him :D Nor the demise of my car either, that\'s just normal...

No, rather more trivial, this is an era with a small "e". No, not the type with smiley faces on either. This isn\'t going well, is it :o? OK, I\'ll just come out and say it...I bought the last EVER issue of M*x P*wer today and it\'s actually made me a bit sad. Not for the usual reasons it makes you sad ie that its full of really crap cars and appears to have been written by an eight year old, but because it is genuinely the end of something great and, well, British!

Stick with me here....I can sense you shuffling away lol. I know that over the years the mag\'s been guilty of some of the worst crimes against car modding imaginable (promoting Saxos with "Jap Combat" bumpers, bigging up fibreglass abortions with more speakers than Dixons, writing down to the level of the Special Brew damaged sink estate single-figure mental age exceptionally average readership etc etc) but was a voice for the modified car culture in this country, and it was somehwere you could see what was about, take ideas from it and discard the rubbish. You could, in a sense, browse the shop windows and sometimes be surprised by a genuine 1897 Max Laeuger porcelain vase amongst the chipped Tescos saucers and handle-less cups in the junk shop. You cant browse like this on the \'net, you have to know what you\'re looking for in order to type it in very precisely to your search engine, then think "page one of 10292834, I can\'t be smegging arsed" :mad:

More importantly, perhaps, its symptomatic of a decline in published magazines that seems to be ever-accelerating. The internet is to a greater or lesser degree, killing the printed word and I think that\'s a bad thing. You see, the magazines are written by professional writers who have to (at least nominally) research and/or know something of what they are writing about. And be entertaining. The internet, on the other hand, is written largely by utter fdukwads who are killing a few minutes between searching for grot and assassinating complete strangers on BookFace and do not offer any guarantee that anything they write is informed, factual or even existed before they plucked it from the foetid sewer of their mind twenty seconds ago. Magazines are bound by law and moderated to be accurate (to a degree) and non-defamatory without due cause...the internet is largely an unpoliced mire of people you would probably avoid in the real world and in fact might avoid urinating on were they burning, all of whom have a vested interest...or they wouldn\'t be bothering. Once a mag has pleased their sponsors their only real interest is being interesting enough to sell copies, whereas Joe Internet wants to post up about how he bought a bag of guaranteed authentic gribble widgets from Trader A and they aren\'t even though they were 23% of the price theyd normally be and I\'m too stupid to wonder how unless they\'re nicked or knock-offs and hes a crook and I want to slander him at every possible opportunity and.....

In addition, there\'s the more elusive loss of shared cultural identity that goes with losing such a mainstay of publishing. It\'s like this, in the old days when we had only four channels of telly and you had to get up to press a button to swap them lol (actually, I\'m old enough to remember there only being THREE, but its not funny getting old so fduk off :p)...where was I? Oh yeah, in those days, everyone watched Top of The Pops, everyone watched Doctor Who, everyone watched the Generation Game (it wasn\'t all good back then, y\'see) and then they chatted about what they\'d seen at school/work/the hairdressers/bus stop the next day. And because they\'d all seen the same thing, they all shared the same cultural identity. Now there\'s no such thing, you can\'t watch TOTP even if you want to, there\'s a choice of twenty eight music channels on cable and the odds of your mates having seen the same video are infinitesemally small....OK, some things still penetrate the nation\'s conciousness, but generally only the ones that buy enough media sledgehammer coverage to keep in the ever-more dilute public psyche, like your X-Factor, Celebrity Dancing on Jungle Worm Eating Vote Me Off Whatever The Fduk Gimmick We Can Think Of In A Half Hour Production Meeting Up The Pub.... On Ice.

And let\'s face it, they\'re all shlte! What things like Max Power did was give a nationally-level playing field for people to use. It was a shared ground, even if you didnt like what they were featuring, you were aware of it and you could discuss it and know if you met someone from the other end of the country at a show, they could discuss it too. Now the only chance of that is if you happen to frequent the Outer Hebridies Obscure Model Of Toyota Starlet No-one\'s Ever Heard Of Forum just like your new mate.

No-one\'s still reading this torrent of nonsense, but I think the constant watering down of our shared identity into a brown melange of internet putrid sewage is a sad thing. I think it\'s sad that the mag that introduced us to the Midnight Club is gone, the mag that featured Smoky Nagata of Top Secret doing 200 mph in his Supra on the A1 then having to flee the country, the mag that featured all those Dragon demo cars on the cover and in articles. It\'s sad because all we have left now is inbRedline and their Oh-so-mature "we only do performance" stance (forgetting they once were a pale imitation of Max with half the pages) and Barryboys. And that is frankly no fduking substitute at all. I thangkyoup :D

Utter borrocks...or deeply profound? discuss......

Rotary and General Chit-Chat / Please have a look here...
« on: January 13, 2011, 12:13:54 AM »
For those of you who\'ve met Andy G, you need no introduction (lol)....for those of you who haven\'t, well you\'re in for some kind of shock. However larger than life he may be :D, Andy is a great bloke with a big heart and he\'d go the extra mile to help out a mate in any kind of trouble. In an effort to go some way to repaying the help and support the\'s given me I\'m making a bit of an appeal here on behalf of a fellow club member and stalwart of the scene...

Andy\'s (substantially) better half Ann is currently training for the 2011 London Marathon. This in itself is an awesome achievement, I\'ve never managed to come close to running marathon distance even when I was young and fit, and Ann also works, looks after the kids (and Andy lol) in amongst training so TBH at the very least she deserves a medal! However, it doesn\'t seem a huge ask that some of you guys could help out with a bit of need 2k just to get in nowadays, so every little definitely helps

Ann running in a Gold Charity place, with the donations going to Marie Curie Care trust. Anyone who (like me) has seen a loved one pass away from cancer will know what a worthwhile cause this is. So please, think of even just giving a few quid in the context of a £70 tank of V-Power or a £200 bit of bodywork and sponsor Ann whatever you can afford. It\'s easy as clicking a link and following a few on-screen prompts, so no reason not to :).

Cheers, groovers :cool:

Rotary and General Chit-Chat / Darren Fergusson
« on: January 04, 2011, 12:00:58 PM »
Yep, it\'s a football thread, anyone not bothered can turn the page now :rollin

Dunno if any of you Premiership prima donnas concern yourselves with the lower leagues, but Darren Fergusson (Sir Alex\'s son) got the heave from Preston this week, arguably deservedly so, given how miserably they\'ve been performing this season. The question isn\'t really about the sacking of managers after very short tenure because that seems to be partand parcel of the game these days, but rather about the way Fergusson senior reacted.

Preston had four Man Utd players on loan and the first thing Sir Alex did was recall them to his club in protest at the sacking of his son. Now, he can of course recall them whenever he likes (contract depending) without giving a reason, but is this act of petulance very admirable or just a childish sulk?

I thought it was slightly amusing how he took his toys back and refused to let anyone play with them when Preston sacked his boy...but pretty much guaranteeing that no-one will employ Darren Fergusson ever again, then? :3Confused If I were him, I\'d be furious with the old man, like it\'s not bad enough getting the sack you have your dad then wade in and fight your battle for you, how embarassing! Be like getting into a fight at school and having your mum come in to break it up :o What do you guys reckon?

EDIT: Doh, Darren Fergusson is what the thread title should say, Duncan was of course the huge scary bloke who used to play for Everton :Hammer Canb\'t edit the thread title so it\'ll have to stand as a testament to my spazzwittery  :rollin

Rotary and General Chit-Chat / Daft car clip of the day.....
« on: December 31, 2010, 10:11:48 AM »

Found this whilst looking for rocket films to watch with the li\'l un and thought  it was worth sharing, despite being an epic fail. Can\'t work out if this guy\'s mad, heroic, suicidal or just has no imagination whatsoever :D Or maybe all four :confused: Anyway, it amused me, especially when you see the actual height of the ramp from below.....and I love the way the first thing that happens when he\'s airborne is his "wings" blow themsleves to smithereens :D We need more maniacs like this

Rotary and General Chit-Chat / Leave it....more important things are afoot
« on: December 24, 2010, 04:36:31 PM »
OI! Leave that turkey alone, there\'s something far more important going on this weekend...namely my 10 000 post party :D. Yep, purely in the interests of science, furthering the wonderful fraternity of the rotary community, and most importantly, crushing Brett\'s futile efforts to reach 10k first underfoot lol, one has reached the landmark of 10 000 marvelous, informative and witty posts on this fine august forum :o *ahem*

The perfect antidote to the Queens speech, cold sprouts, bland turkey, random long lost aunties, lovely knitwear and foul catpee aftershave presents and pretending to actually like and tolerate your family, and all the other torture you\'re forced into at Christmas, come join the 10k post party, debauchery and filth obligatory. No-one leaves until they\'re either blind or lost the use of their legs through booze quite a lot like Christmas dinner now I actually think about it :(

Party on dudes  :rollin Be excellent to each other :Ladys-man


Or more specifically, eBay users? Leaving aside people just blatantly ripping you off, trying to sell utter cack as genuine, knock-offs, endless pages of listings for life-alteringly brilliant windscreen wipers etc etc, it seems nowadays even when the actual transaction is smooth and trouble free there\'s something annoying about it.

For example, WTF is it with people who seem to have an allergic reaction to leaving feedback? How hard is that? I even had one recently where he paid for the item without even needing invoicing (rare) so I sent it next day, emailed him to let him know it was on the way, left glowing feedback for him, then he emails me two days later to say it arrived all in top condition, he was over the moon, been looking for one for ages, blah blah blah...then didn\'t leave feedback :confused: So, what the holy fduk is his problem, he had to be logged onto eBay to meassage me via their system, how hard would it have been to have left feedback whilst he was at it?

Another one, bloke buys bike frame and engine from me, pays for it, agrees a time for his driver to pick it up...then never turns up. No repsonse to emails, except one a few weeks ago to say he\'d just moved and had been busy...then nothing, and it\'s now been cluttering up my garage for months. Wierd thing is, he\'s paid for it, what am I suposed to do? Can\'t just chuck it away, no point in threatening him with storage costs since he doesn\'t repsond to email anyway, WTF!?

It\'s just not worth the bloody hassle any more, eBay. All the "protection" is weighted in the favour of the scammers and eBay don\'t give a monkeys so long as they get their fees. You have to jump through hoops just to list something nowadays, fees are exorbitant, it seems they don\'t really want custom from random blokes just selling a few odd bits, they want shop sellers listing thousands of thing a week....which is a shame cos the former is exactly what made eBay great in the first place, and the latter is sorta what Amazon\'s for really

Anyway, thanks for sharing this moment, I feel much better for getting that rant off my chest :Giggle Anyone else think that it\'s a victim of its own success and more work than it should be, or am I just a grumpy old man?

Rotary and General Chit-Chat / Brighton Speed Trials 2010 pics
« on: September 11, 2010, 10:59:50 PM »
Wotcher all ;) Thought I would put some pics up from the rather soggy Sussex coast today! Proving that if you\'re hardcore, you can run a drag racing event in the rain.....although I guess to be pedantic it\'s timed trials rather than drag racing.

Anyhooo, there\'s always a great mix of machinery at the Trials, and this year was no exception, although there definitely seemed a smaller field of runners than years previous. I guess the awful weather combined with the recession might have put some off. Still plenty of cool things to take pics of, so have a look and (hopefully) enjoy!

Just to set the scene...everything was grey; the sea was grey, the sky was grey, the air was grey and full of rain, just everything was damp and drizzly. But did that stop it being a top day out?

No, it didn\'t! Wouldn\'t have wanted to be in one of the rides on the end of the pier in weather like this

Right, that\'s enough local colour, some cool vehicles then...these Vincents seem to turn up every year just for the craic, never seen them run. These two are the single rather than the proper Black Shadow twin...

...but still lovely nonetheless

Proper Black Shadow and sidecar combination. Scary on the world\'s first 150mph bike!

Lovely details wherever you look, from days when people cared enough to cast their company logo into pushrod cover nuts

even the rear light is a work of art

The original motorcycle muscle car (eh?) Yamaha\'s V-Max...terrifying in corners, but on the straight, wow! For those who don\'t know, it\'s a V4 that when it reaches a certain rev level, a valve cycles so that "V-Boost" comes in and each cylinder was basically being fed by two carbs...and you better have it upright and be holding on when it did!

This ones got some nice touches, love the Yamaha crossed tuning fork logos in the carb unions

...and the transparent clutch cover

D\'you think the owner of this MGBGT makes his own canards and splitters?

TVR Sagaris fluting on the wings; utterly pointless yet fascinating and lovely all at the same time

Dodge Coupe looks like something Al Capone popped to the shops for a pinta milk in

Cool early Dodge Ram emblem

well sorted 240Z straight six

Likewise this TR-7 V8 (ask yer dad)

Some properly nice engineering going on in here. Odd for a British car that pretty much helped nail the lid of Leyland\'s coffin shut. Ooooh, the irony!

Proper Dagenham streetfighter looking Escort RS

Japan\'s first supercar, apparently. Very nice....for a Hahhhhhndaa

General Technical / Why?
« on: September 07, 2010, 04:54:21 PM »
Why is it you can never actually drive a rotary without something breaking, even if it\'s only really minor :confused:?....

....on this occaision it would appear that my windscreen washer has packed up. Any suggestions as to why? Before the comedians emerge from the woodwork, yes, it has water in it, the whole pump seems to be dead, there\'s no whirring noise of it even trying to squirt water. Doesn\'t seem to be a separate fuse, anyone know better?

Like I said, minor, but extremely irritating fault. Help please! :wave

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