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RX-8 News and Information / Speccing an RX8
« on: October 31, 2003, 11:16:24 AM »

Just a quick question...

I got the brochure for the RX8 in the post the other day, bought a copy of what car and browsed through these forums and I think I want one :P

I\'ve decided on the 22k model but the question is - is leather, sat nav, metallic/mica paint and sunroof the only options you can spec? The last new car I bought was a MINI, and well, that\'s a BMW, so had twenty million things to choose from.

Does anyone know if there\'s anything else I can choose that\'s not listed on the website? Although, saying that, adding the paint, leather and sat nav only brings it up to 25k, which seems like a good price to me :D

Cheers guys,



Some of you may remember that I\'m biding my time until I\'m 21 before subjecting myself to a 3rd gen RX7. Thing is, I don\'t really wanna jump in one unprepared

My original plan, as I\'m selling my mini for a house, was to buy a land rover for up to 2.5k. Reasons for this is that it won\'t devalue over the year that I keep it, could come in useful for a first time house buyer (shifting sofas etc) and is fun in it\'s own way.

But, in my infinite wisdom, I\'ve just thought about perhaps buying a 2nd gen RX7? They did a non-turbo version of them didn\'t they? Would this be overly expensive for a 19 year old to insure.

I was kinda thinking this might give me experience of rotary, and rear wheel drive without sitting 20ft in the air.

Any thoughts :confused:



Insuring your rotary / Under 21\'s?
« on: November 25, 2002, 11:49:59 PM »
Anyone know of anywhere that would be stupid enough to insure me on an 3rd gen RX-7 when I\'m 20? I was going to wait until I\'m 21, but whilst the resale values on the mini are still high it might be a good idea to jump ship now...

Got 1 years no claims and 3 points SP50 at the moment, so that won\'t help :rolleyes:



General Queries / Hints and Tips on purchasing a rotary / Hi guys!
« on: November 14, 2002, 06:07:44 PM »

Just wanted to introduce myself ;)

I\'m 19 and currently driving around in a new mini cooper. In another 2 years the lease will be up so I\'ll be in the market for something a tad quicker.

I\'ve been doing a spot of research on the RX-7 and decided it\'s the 3rd generation I want. Looks to die for, and apparently great handling too. After driving the mini, I think I\'ve found that handling is just as important as power, so this seems a natural choice :)

Basically, I\'m here two years early to try and gain some valuable knowledge of the car before I take the plunge, as I realise that they can be high maintainence machines ;)

Hope to meet some of you at an event in the future...



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