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Hi Casey, yes sorted and booked.  Thanks again for your help.

Hey Casey, the javelin discount link doesn't seem to be working, can you drop me a pm please.

Replaced my toasted bonnet release cable today and cleaned the car up ready for more track fun in may.  I'll be back with nor vid's. Casey/ Clive If there are any mrc/rx8 trackdays booked this year drop me a pm and do my best to attend work permitting.

Lol, getting it wrong.  He was doing it all day tbh

It is a circuit i know well admittedly, that porsche was being a bell blocking people most of the day. Many other much nicer Porsches were in attendance and were all showing excellent track etiquette so in no way a reflection.

This was my first trackday since removing my twins and fitting a single.

Standard ported 13b
KKK K27-7200 upgrade version.
RB single tail with 3" full system
R7420-10 plugs

Loads of other accompanying parts like a twin power,fmic,fuelling etc.

Fuel baffle tank and oil catch can

Complete stoptech brakes - discs/pads/lines in brembo caliper

Meister r zeta R coilovers with the softer spring option.

Ado8r 255 and 235

Only other track focused items are mazda rz recaros

Mapped to 1.25bar producing somewhere north of 400bhp.
Only dyno run i have was 391bhp and 370lbft on low boost 1 bar

Thanks for watching and i appreciate the comments

Ok Video time, Ended up taking that V12 vantage and the porsche who was a bellend all day not letting people pass.

Had about 2 dry hours all day but well and truly flew the rotary flag for those hours with quite a few hairy moments in between.

please enjoy and comment, i have many many vids but this was memorable

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

For me on the day its the overall set up that has really impressed. Tyres/ suspension/ brakes all really connected with the power and I'm very very happy with how it did.

I have uploaded about 5 videos of the day and my previous events on twins are also still on there so feel free to have a look.

Wanted Items / Re: Racing beat Exhaust for FD
« on: February 23, 2018, 07:52:34 PM »
I swapped out my nurspec for a rb single as was caught at 122db on a trackday. The rb single got it down to 95db on the static tests even with a unsilenced midpipe.

Both original and badged.

Border headlight cover. This is the only original one I've seen, more importantly every single tab is perfect.

Banzai plug and play 3 bar map sensor.  Bought from fduk never used see thread here.

£200 delivered for the headlight cover.

£70 delivered four ther mail sensor.

Wanted Items / Re: Aft a power steering rac atomic Rex
« on: January 22, 2018, 12:46:28 PM »
AtomicRex long since went out of business mate so unless you find a used one someone is selling then your chances are slim. No other companies make something similar?

Iirc it was 409bhp, 386bhp and 327bhp all on the same car within a year???


It would be nice to see some kind of industry standard with dynometer systems and operation so it gets rid of such a variance in results i saw.

Exactly. I dont understand why there is so much difference between dynos...

Lähetetty minun E2303 laitteesta Tapatalkilla

I had almost 80bhp difference from 1 dyno to another with another reading just north of the middle.

No Jon everything was standard turbo wise

Yep and tbh i could have easy kept tracking mine as they were still boosting perfect and only a little smoke on overrun. I also had a standard fuel system worth exception to a bosch fuel pump and the base pressure was slightly increased.

Im really pleased with your bhp figure. I always felt my car was around the 400bhp mark judging by the cars i was sitting on the bumper of on the long straight at croft. It would be nice to see some kind of industry standard with dynometer systems and operation so it gets rid of such a variance in results i saw.

All in all, great results on a lovely car.

Club Photo and Video Index / Re: My Mazda RX-7 - Reviewed
« on: November 07, 2017, 08:50:25 PM »
Roy brought his amazingly clean FD to the office the other day, I know of only three other near stock FD's  in the UK that are in this sort of showroom condition.

Roy knows that I was horrified to find he did not have a proper agreed valuation on the car, meaning the insurance company would probably pay out less than 10K on this 30K car should something horrible happen.

He also did not realise that by becoming a paying Full Club Member of Mazdarotaryclub that an insurance valuation becomes available if required.       

Yep the agreed valuation is worth is weight

New to MRC - introduce yourself / Re: New FD Owner Gloucestershire
« on: October 29, 2017, 08:54:05 PM »
From your video a lot of the low boost is transition related. What i mean is once in primary boost and following transiting at 4.5k upwards then obviously your in seq operation. To allow the system to return back to just primary you must be below 3k rpm. This is the equalizing pressure in the charge control circuit. Tbh unless your dead set on keeping a standard car more than a fun car to drive i would think about a ecu and binning the cat.  Your in the south so rotary experts are all pretty close to you and if your happy you have exhausted all leak possibilities then that would be my best advice. Initially i struggled for a year with my boost trailing off and a specialist fixed it in 20 mins. After a pfc mapped with just the cat removed i gained 70hp and the cat ran faultless at 0.9 bar to redline.

If you had primary boost and now you don't then something you have bought/fitted doesnt work.  This sadly happens far too often with older performance cars

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