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Well its subject to the inspection report.

Its going to need more power being standard. What do people do to get around 400 bhp?

Here are a few

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Yes thats the one. Love it. Perfect Weds wheels and Veilside seats.

Yeah I can’t wait. Bad point its high mileage. Around 90k on a stock engine.

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Managed to source one......just awaiting inspection

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Is that Miguel from Newera Imports?

Will do. Thanks for that.

Thanks all for your comments. I am after a completed project. Have already enquired about 1 for sale in Japan.

I have considered building one but to be fair it would probably cost more to do so.

p.s what is the other RX7 forum people use?

Thanks for your comment. Guess I'll stick to this forum....

Before I take the plunge and import one from Japan, any owners on here that is considering selling theirs in the near future?

And a quick question - is this forum the best for RX7's in the UK?

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