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gearbox is a 4 speed 091 bus box with weddle gears and  pro rings  :)

cool look forward to hearing from you, thanks for warm welcome guys   :great:
as i say im not looking for a massive power plant just some good fun. in the bug 400 rwhp should see mid  9s all day  :13: but ill be happy to build the motor up to this  as funds allow

Grant on here has a motor turbo ecu that was destined for a drag  project too should speak...
Keep us posted with the project.

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there area couple of grants  when i searched the members list  :) but the motor turbo ecu setup could be a good plan if its available

thanks guys for welcome .what model motor do i look for when searching a turbo II motor ? as i say I'm new to the motors so 13b.20b ......  :-[
hers a few pics of car last year rung the vw motor

hi all
ive just started reserching the pros and cons of fitting a rotary motor in my vw bug .ive been rcing it with vw motor for years and this is now a secondary cr due to buildign a chassis id like to have some fun fitting a rotary motor .ideally id like to end up with 400rwhp tops but the reserch ive done so far has been based on rx8 motors and from the sounds of it they dont like to be messed with to much.i dont claim to know a lot about the ins and outs of any motor, but i have been racing cars for years so im aware i need to pay money for go easy on me
any dvice on what type of motor that would be a good bse to start from would be greatly rcieved. the adapter plate /flywheel kit is easy to get hold of for all motor options so im all ears
look forward to hearing your replys
danny :)

New to MRC - introduce yourself / hi
« on: April 12, 2017, 11:23:42 AM »
hi all
im lookng to do a rotary conversion on my vw drag car so thought this is a good place to try to find out some info on good options for a motor to run  :sign0085:

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