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***Club Stand Instructions***

Welcome to the RX-8OC Family Event of the Year

We will require you all to meet us at "Tesco Superstore, Sizer Way, Dibden, Hythe, Southampton SO45 5JA" so as we can Convoy in and make a statement :thumright: (One year we caused a big traffic jam in the area :13: )

Therefore please arrive at Tesco anytime between 7am to 7.45am and we will be leaving for Beaulieu at 7.55am sharp so as we can just drive straight in without touching the Holding Area in the Beaulieu Car Park !

When you arrive at Tesco please do not over rev your cars as the place is surrounded by residential housing and we do not want to upset the neighbours !

Immediately behind Nigel's car will be the support cars for the Event (Ian.M, Jacky.M, casey, ChrisHolmes, HumaneHobgoblin, Team Pat) so please allow them to group up behind him first, before you all join the Convoy :icon_thumleft:

Azam will hold up all the traffic so as you can follow each other in convoy, so please stay tightly together so as the convoy doesn't get split up !

Once we get to the Club Stand Nigel will then tell you where to park so please wait for him to get out of his car :) . When parking you please let Nigel know if you need to leave early otherwise you may be blocked in and have to wait for the owner of the car to return back to the Club Stand ! !

We will be putting 2 Club Gazebo's up so plenty of room to shelter from the heat :), please remember to bring your chairs :icon_thumleft:

Azam, Claire & Events Team are supplying all the Food and Drink on behalf of the Club this year and will be plenty for everyone, so hopefully will cut all that cost down for you :P , as Beaulieu is very expensive to buy food and drink at :sad10:

Claire has put in a request if you have a Cool Box or Cool Bag can you please bring it with you so as we can borrow it for the Food, plus if you have a Portable Table can we borrow that as well :icon_thumleft:

Once we are set up there will be Bacon Rolls for Mid-Morning Breakfast and then a Buffet for Lunch along with Cakes and Cream Tea in the Afternoon. Throughout the day Hot & Cold Drinks will be available on the Stand as well as Snacks & Sweets, so make sure you bring along a Mug :icon_thumleft:

Many thanks to those members who are baking cakes for this event as it's most appreciated by the Events Team :icon_thumleft:

"Message for MRC & FBOC"
If anyone here wants to partake of the RX-8OC refreshments is welcome to do so for just £5 p/person for the day (you'd pay more than that for a bacon buttie & coffee at Beaulieu !). Let us know when you arrive if you wish to partake and Malcolm will collect cash on behalf of the Club Treasurer :icon_thumleft:

All that leaves to be said is have a fantastic day at Beaulieu and make this the best ever Event of all time :occasion14: :occasion14: :occasion14: :occasion14:

Events Team

Thanks John :icon_thumleft:

John yours Tickets were sent off via first class post yesterday morning, so look out for a white envelope with a gold address label on the back of it :icon_thumleft:

Will Mail them off tomorrow :icon_thumleft:

Checked up and the Address I have on the PDF and it's for Orpington not for South West :icon_thumright:

Problem solved I still have your two tickets as I confused you with Boosted John, who decided to join Clive for the day instead !!

I can post them out or if you prefer then collect them off me on the Sunday Morning in the Tesco Car Park :icon_thumleft:

This may explain why I have 3 extra tickets and not 1 extra ticket :icon_thumright:

RX-8's / Re: Exiled Vikings Long Orange Project
« on: July 19, 2018, 11:53:23 AM »
Love what you keep doing to your car Tony :icon_thumleft:

    Many thanks for all your support for this years
Beaulieu Event and meanwhile I thought you would like to see from the List who will be there plus what all the cars will be this year :13:

We have 37 Cars (59 People) attending this year however I do have 3 spare tickets at £10.00 each if anyone is interested attending who hasn't committed yet :icon_thumleft:

Many thanks Malcolm :love4:

GSB-TDU - RX-8OC Events Coordinator

  • GSB-TDU (Nigel)1a(GT86) - PAIDx1a - t/rec
  • CLOVERLEAF159 +Clairebear (Azam)(Claire)2a(RX-8 R3) - PAIDx2a - t/rec
  • ChrisHolmes (Chris)1a(RX-8) - PAIDx1a - hdt/rec
  • Ian.M (Ian)(Jackie)4a(RX-8 (+1)) - PAIDx4a - t/rec
  • casey (Malcolm)2a(RX-8 or RX-7) - PAIDx2a - t/rec
  • Shagrington (Brian)1a(RX-8) - PAIDx1a - hdt/rec
  • Reloy (Leroy)(Rachel)2a(RX-8) - PAIDx2a - t/rec
  • binghamf6 (Shane)1a(RX-8) - PAIDx1a - t/rec
  • HumaneHobgoblin (Dan)1a(RX-8) - PAIDx1a - t/rec
  • geofftl1000r (Geoff)(Wife)2a+1c(RX-8) - PAIDx2a+1c
  • DanInPoole (Dan)(RX-8) - PAIDx2a+1c - t/rec
  • nightfire10 (Steve)1a(RX-8 40th) - PAIDx1a - t/rec
  • RobCook (Rob)(?)2a(RX-8) - PAIDx2a - t/rec
  • Eddie_r32 (Eddie)1a(RX-8) - PAIDx1a
  • Hardale (Harry)1a(RX-8) - PAIDx2a - t/rec
  • rexybradley (Bradley)2a(RX-8 Evolve) - PAIDx2a
  • sean moore (Sean)(?)2a(RX-8) - PAIDx2a - t/rec
  • mi60o0 (Mike)+1 Baby(RX-8) - PAIDx2a+FreeC - t/rec
  • DanTheRX8Man (Dan)1a(Celica) - PAIDx1a - t/rec
  • R8trt (Theresa)1a(RX-8) - PAIDx3a+1c - t/rec
  • Lemon (Stu)3a(RX-8) - PAIDx3a - t/rec
  • pat (Pat)(Joe)2a(RX-8) - PAIDx6a+1c - t/rec
  • caren (Team Pat)1a(MX-5) - Pat Paid - t/rec
  • Scott & Will (Team Pat)2a(Honda) - Pat Paid - t/rec
  • James & Mudge (Team Pat)2a(Honda) - Pat Paid - t/rec
  • KiwiDave (Dave)1a(RX-7 FB) - PAIDx1a - t/rec
  • DKWW2000 (Pete)2a(RX-7 FC Vert) - PAIDx2a - t/rec
  • melloyello (James)1a(RX-7 FB) - PAIDx1a - t/rec
  • Mattyo (Matt + Sandra)2a(RX-7 FD) - PAIDx2a - t/rec
  • jeff_fohlen90 (Jeff)1a(RX-7 FD) - PAIDx1a - will collect ticket at RV point
  • LynneE (Lynne)1a(RX-7 FD) - PAIDx1a - t/rec
  • Roxy326 (Joshua)(Zoe)2a(RX-8 40th) - PAIDx2a- t/rec
  • MarkThomasBrand (Mark)(Mandy)(Robert)3a(Honda) - PAIDx3a - t/rec
  • Pitbull (Matt)(Ali)(Yasmin)2a+1c(RX-8) - PAIDx2a+1c- t/rec
  • Linas (Linas)1a(RX-7 FD) - PAID (DIRECT to Beaulieu) x1a
  • e4k & G3 (Emma & Graham)2a(RX-8/MX-5) - PAID (DIRECT to Beaulieu) x2a
  • John (John & Maria)2a(RX-8/RX-7 FB) - PAID (DIRECT to Beaulieu) x2a

Yes looks very interesting

Brands Hatch looking to be a cracking day once again

Events Calendar / Re: JAPFEST 2016 DATE TBA - NAMES ONLY
« on: November 13, 2015, 10:05:32 AM »
Will update my list on the RX-8OC in the Events Admin Area

Events Calendar / Re: JAPFEST 2016 DATE TBA - NAMES ONLY
« on: November 10, 2015, 02:21:31 AM »
If you hire a Japanese Car then you could park on the MRC Stand

Events Calendar / Re: JAPFEST 2016 DATE TBA - NAMES ONLY
« on: November 05, 2015, 02:20:50 AM »
Details now updated in the Events Admin Section on the RX-8OC regarding your track time

Events Calendar / Re: JAPFEST 2016 DATE TBA - NAMES ONLY
« on: November 02, 2015, 08:02:57 PM »
Will transfer above details onto my list on the RX-8OC

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