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Title: Mazda RX 8 for sale. Update
Post by: exiled-viking on January 03, 2019, 10:45:10 AM

So the time has come I am selling the 8
its a runner but The engine will need a rebuild it’s going as is so until I get what I want then it will sit in the garage the supercharger and HKS ECU HKS Camp II are worth £5k all day long the Car bespoke Leather work interior Is worth a round 3k it would cost you more than £8 k to have it done all the other bits wheels tyres another 2k the list goes on
so what do it want for this sick puppy we’ll offer over 6k
so there you have it I will not part out you buy it you can part it out but don’t post up I would like this or that part
Title: Re: Mazda RX 8 for sale
Post by: boosted on January 03, 2019, 04:11:19 PM
Im speechless Tony...
Read on rx8oc your off to Canada so understand..alot off car for little money.
Someone gonna get a bargain...and hopefully sell it to someone who will repair...
Good luck with sale!!!

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Title: Re: Mazda RX 8 for sale. Update
Post by: exiled-viking on January 04, 2019, 11:17:05 AM

Tony Cadwallander Titch Wright So update it’s been sold the buyer and I have done a deal the hole car will be parted out and we will share the money in one way I am glad because last night I was about to send it hole to TRENTS scrap yard and crush the car at least I get some money to buy my new green house .... I know I said that I would not part her out well technically I am not some else is so please do not contact me for parts I do not have the space or facilities to tear her down this one of the reasons for doing this the buyer can strip the car down at his leisure he is taking all my spare parts I don’t have that time.... I would just like to THANK EVERYONE IN THE ROTARY WORLD A VERY BIG THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OVER THE LAST 14 years all the best you Rotards ....... you will find out who has her soon enough