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Title: Rapidly climbing temperature
Post by: EphChi on May 28, 2018, 09:09:16 PM
Hi Guys,

I'm looking for some advice about coolant leaks and the sort. Recently on my 13B i have had the Radiator, hoses and thermostat changed as the pipes were getting old (replaced them about 4 years ago along with the thermostat) and the radiator had a small crack in it so it would shoot out water when ever the system was under pressure. everything was switched over fine.

About 2 weeks ago I was out having a drive around the island and i noticed that the water temperature was climbing quicker than normal even under standard driving in the town. So I parked up and left it to cool for a couple of hours. I then drove it home but saw the same issue with the water temp was climbing pretty fast again. I left it to cool down once i got home with the temp hitting about 115 before i turned it off, I thought the best action her was to turn it off but then have the ignition on again to keep the radiator fans going and opening the bonnet to get as much cool air to the engine. after about 5/10 minutes i turned the engine back on to start the water pump to move the slightly cool water around the system. this worked thankfully and the temp plummeted to about 85 degrees. i was happy with this so i then turned off and left it to cool down naturally.

I then drove it a week later and after about a 10 minutes (5 minutes warm up 5 drive time) the temperature which stayed at 30 on the apexi commander shot up to 80 degrees and kept climbing as i was on the way back the water temp shot from around the high 80's to 120 in about 2/3 minutes. i have now just been out to the car to check coolant levels and it took about 1.5L's of coolant water mix. so i started up the car which was a bit lumpy as its not been started in just over 2 weeks, and the water temp did the same. It stayed at around 30 degrees for about 5 or so minutes then climbed to 80 in about a minute or less even.

Sorry for the long read!

I hope any of you guys haven't had anything similar happen to you but if you have, could you please let me know of what the issue is and what any possible solutions would be?

Thanks in advance.

Title: Re: Rapidly climbing temperature
Post by: boosted on May 28, 2018, 09:18:43 PM
Im sorry but it does sound like waterseal failure...where combustion gases get through the seals and heat and pressurize the coolant system...there is a test called the champayne test involving a bottle attached to the filler neck of the coolant tower and looking for bubbles...there are a few youtube clips explaining what todo...i hope im wrong...if the coolant seals are passing its rebuild time unfortunately.

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Title: Re: Rapidly climbing temperature
Post by: EphChi on May 28, 2018, 10:28:57 PM
Thanks for the quick answer Boosted!

Piss, from what I have read on here and the RX7Club it was the water seal  :(

If that is the case, do you recommend and specific garage who could do the rebuild which is good and for a decent/none extortionate price and in the north of England?

I can see that Hayward Rotary is advertised but they're down south so it'll cost a heft fee just getting it there as I don't really want to drive it.


Title: Re: Rapidly climbing temperature
Post by: boosted on May 28, 2018, 10:35:58 PM
I think your best ringing around the Northern specialists getting prices etc, im down south so only no the 1s down here.

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