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Title: My NZ 808
Post by: theamyable on August 22, 2016, 09:14:34 PM
May as well put a couple of pics up.

1977 Mazda 808 (came with RX3 nosecone and the rest- very common to do in NZ)
My cousin bought it as a rally car, but decided to get a different one so I acquired this as a 15 year old and with the help of Dad (as well as encouragement from Mum and brother) restored it over 5 years.
When bought it was very "New Zealand" style modgies/trailer wheels and covered in rubber from burnouts (not a bad thing)
So Dad and I restored it to a more original look, rolling Hotwires for its first 2 years back on the road, before I decided I kind of like Japanese style...

All of the work on it was done by my Dad and I (with many of his friends helping along the way), except the engine was rebuilt by a well-known father son business at home as my Dad much prefers Escorts and classic piston engines. Poor guy spent 10 years on my uncles rally RX3 restoration and 5 on mine... needless to say he was pleased when I met Stephen who could take over helping maintain the engine, and encourage buying more.

So fast forward a few years and here we are travelling the world, chasing classic Mazdas.
Started with my brother and I chasing motorsports from Pikes Peak to Goodwood one year, and now has taken Stephen and I up and down New Zealand seeing Mazdas, to Thailand to meet a very cool guy with a very cool 808 coupe, his friend with 1200 utes, and hopefully to meet some of you guys and plenty more around Europe too!

Any suggestions are welcome, in particular we are hoping to find out about the huge collection in Germany somewhere(?)

Half way through project restoration

On its very first run in (3 hours drive south to surprise my uncle)

One week after getting it on the road- drove all the way to the South Island and did a grasskhana then drove home

After one year on the road- winning best sedan at Oldschool nationals, and best girls car at REunion (our rotary only event)

When I decided it needed to be more Japanese... The wheel colour comes from the Scheme my uncle ran in the 80s, and the spoiler is one like he used to run

Just before we left to come away at our local caffeine and classics meet

My personal favourite, amongst all my uncles toys at his festival

Bonus: Stephen's piston 808 which he's owned for over 10 years

So yeah that's my fun little rotary, hope you enjoyed a quick run through of it.

If you are interested in reading the many pages of how my RX 808 evolved since 2012 it is detailed on our classic forum;
(The username was a hoot of a joke)
Title: Re: My NZ 808
Post by: Casey on August 23, 2016, 12:00:33 AM
A great story and well done, the car looks absolutely fantastic  :13:
Title: Re: My NZ 808
Post by: re japi on August 23, 2016, 05:13:27 AM
Yes, great story and stunning car :) I really like that racing 3 too

I live in wrong continent... :(
Title: Re: My NZ 808
Post by: theamyable on August 23, 2016, 06:43:57 PM
Thank you both, and you live in the right continent for travelling!

Do you know of any classic car meets anywhere in Europe this year or next?

This was when Mazda New Zealand displayed my car at my uncles event Leadfoot Festival, Mad Mikes car in front

A few more of my uncles toys
^ the plain white RX7 was a prototype by Mazda Japan and the FC is his favourite RX7 of the bunch

Title: Re: My NZ 808
Post by: Casey on August 24, 2016, 12:29:09 AM
^^ Great pics  :)

Do you know of any classic car meets anywhere in Europe this year or next?

I'm taking one of my FB's to the massive "Retro Rides" event at Shelsley Walsh (Worcester) on Sunday. Going with the guys, so we have a stand with about a dozen FB's attending. There's a Hill Climb at the event and at least a couple of FB's are planning to race up the Hill!

Short notice, as it's this coming weekend!

Details here: (

If you can make it, come and say hello!
Title: Re: My NZ 808
Post by: theamyable on August 24, 2016, 08:51:53 AM
That would be awesome, not sure how we would manage getting there from Canvey Island Essex however!
I'll look into transport costs, really hope to make it and meet some people there
Title: Re: My NZ 808
Post by: Casey on August 27, 2016, 12:09:38 AM
Be sure to come and say hello if you make it. BTW, I suspect some of the other guys bringing their rotary cars have NZ and/or Oz connections, one of them has a forum name of "KiwiDave"  :)
Title: Re: My NZ 808
Post by: Hobbawobba on September 20, 2016, 12:48:59 PM
Awesome. Just saw this. I miss being back home aye! Hahah. From The Shore myself :). Leadfoot Festival looks wicked as also. Uncle? Does this mean what I think it does? :P Hahahaha

I went to Retro Rides as posted above. It's a pretty fun and relaxed day. Maybe next year aye! :)
Title: Re: My NZ 808
Post by: theamyable on November 04, 2016, 05:31:46 PM
Ha no way- from one of the bays?
Sorry super slow response living in a van quite different from rotary life...

Yup uncle Rod would be happy to provide tours if anyone ever wanted & we were actually in NZ too 😊

Hoping to get to Walter Frey's Mazda collection in Augsburg soon that's the next thing on the list!
Title: Re: My NZ 808
Post by: Hobbawobba on November 10, 2016, 03:21:59 PM
Haha from Glenfield! Thats cool aye :)

It'd be amazing to go back home and have a tour! Just an expensive flight hahah. Will have to try and sort that out at some point though ;D. Definitely keen

Just checked out that collection you mentioned.. Whoa! :eek: There are some beauties there aye. Far out
Title: Re: My NZ 808
Post by: KiwiDave on November 10, 2016, 09:55:25 PM
What a cool thread! As soon as I read Leadfoot Festival, I knew who your uncle is. That Phillips RX-3 is such an icon. I met Rod at Goodwood a few years back and told him it was the second time we had met, The first time was when he was still rallying that RX-3. He was my inspiration and my first car (a few years later) was a RX-3 coupe.

Really digging your car ... 13x7 hotwires and savanna front.  Kiwi as.   Hopfully, some of us can hook up for meets and maybe do the pilgrimage to Ausberg