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Title: Back Lights dont work
Post by: frank20bcosmo on March 11, 2010, 04:08:39 PM
Hi ,,I am after some help with a problem I have got
I have just had an interior swap done from a cloth interior out of my cosmo 20b type s to leather out of a type sx,, and bloody good it looks as well.
However my dilema is since the swap the back lights will not come on we have had the dash out whilst it was out we had to tidy up some of that dodgy japanese wiring the previous owner had done with scotch locks and sorted it properly.
The number plate lights are ok, brake lights are ok it is just the rear lights themselves,, I would of thought the Number plate lights would be on the same circuit which makes me think it could be a relay.
q, has anybody got a wiring diagram for a cosmo or does anybody know if the lights are controlled by a relay to the rear and if so where is it located.
I cant see that any wires would have got trapped but you never know
Any help will be much appreciated
Title: Back Lights dont work
Post by: frank20bcosmo on July 10, 2010, 03:25:07 PM
:Thumbsup! Result !!!
Found the problem that was causing the back lights not to work
I know nobody was able to help but I thought I would post the answer in case any of you have a similar problem in the future.
It looks like it was a faulty Stop and Tail Lamp Checker a little unit that test if you have any bulbs out and lights up a warning light on the dash
as I have another Cosmo we pinched the unit of that and hey presto back lights working again.
Next problem find a new unit to replace the one in my other Cosmo.
Does anybody know if the RX7 has one of these lamp checker\'s ??
so MOT Monday and then back on the road,, all being well