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Title: Speccing an RX8
Post by: Dom on October 31, 2003, 11:16:24 AM

Just a quick question...

I got the brochure for the RX8 in the post the other day, bought a copy of what car and browsed through these forums and I think I want one :P

I\'ve decided on the 22k model but the question is - is leather, sat nav, metallic/mica paint and sunroof the only options you can spec? The last new car I bought was a MINI, and well, that\'s a BMW, so had twenty million things to choose from.

Does anyone know if there\'s anything else I can choose that\'s not listed on the website? Although, saying that, adding the paint, leather and sat nav only brings it up to 25k, which seems like a good price to me :D

Cheers guys,

Title: Speccing an RX8
Post by: weasley on October 31, 2003, 01:14:17 PM
Oooh, where to start...

I have the RX-8 brochures in front of me (the main brochure, the technical spec and the accessories).

In terms of basic spec you are about right; the only options are leather, sat-nav (only oin combo with leather) and a sunroof.  That\'s because it comes with just about everything else fitted as standard!

However, get into the accessories brochure and you can choose from...

Various body kit parts (front spoiler, side skirts, mudflaps, tyre deflectors etc)
Tow bar :confused:
Reversing sensor
Hydraulic bonnet (hood) lifters
Aluminium pedals and foot rest (std on the 230)
Aluminium passenger footplate and sill scuff plates
Spare wheel and carrier (standard equipt is a can of tyre foam)
Car mats (standard or luxury)
Boot (trunk) liner
Dust cover
Smart nav (traffic-avoiding system, requires subscription)
Trackstar (stolen car recovery/tracking)
Two-tone leather steering wheel
Illuminated gear lever
Leather handbrake lever
Leather front and/or rear centre console lids
Aluminium air vent bezels
\'Piano black\' centre panel trim
RX-8 dash logo
Cassette player OR MiniDisc player
MP3-compatible CD player (in place of standard 6-CD changer)
Sports exhaust
Aluminium (brushed or polished) rotary symbol on front bumper
Aluminium (brushed or polished) fuel filler cap
Aluminium exhaust surround
Aluminium (brushed or polished) air vent fins (on the front wings/fenders)
Polished alloy wheels
\'Piano black\' B-pillar trim with rotary logo
Exclusive RX-8 key
Exclusive RX-8 case for exclusive RX-8 key :rolleyes:
Title: Speccing an RX8
Post by: Dom on October 31, 2003, 02:43:48 PM
cheers mate, I\'ll pick up a brochure this afternoon...

woohoo! budget busting accessories to play with ;)