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Mazda Rotary Parts / Black Friday weekend
« on: November 23, 2017, 10:53:14 PM »
We are offering a 10% Discount only to be applied to RACING BEAT manufactured products only.

Discount will only be good for orders placed between November 24th 0:00am to November 26th 23:59pm.

Just enter discount code BLACKFRIDAY10 into Discount box at the checkout stage of

We have re launched excellent Mid-Pipe  after research showed that with Japans rules now changed and American companies now reduced market so they are not making these any more.

   Leave your RX7 FD3S Track day or Race noise woes behind with this super effective 3" Silenced De Cat Mid Pipe.

More details can be found below.

This Mazda RX7 FC TII or FD Rotor Housing has just arrived from Mazda Japan was wrongly ordered part number N318-10-B50C.

As Rotary people will know the Housing will also fit the REW engine and an FD housing costs £830 

Retail on this Housing is £708 and this is a price that will go up and up, so its worth buying for a rainy day or sell on at a later time for more money

As this was an ordering error we will accept £590 with £10 to deliver in the UK or £25 if delivered into Europe / for worldwide please contact

If you would like to order kindly send the money via paypal to 

Mazda Rotary Parts / Gen 1 Racing Beat complete exhaust system.
« on: January 01, 2017, 05:12:31 PM »
Special offer/

We have in stock a 12A Gen 1 Racing Beat complete exhaust system./ standard normal price for this system is £1045 but we can sell this as a one off delivered in the UK for just £875 / saving £170 

These exhaust systems offer excellent horsepower gains when you require a silenced exhaust system for your stock-ported engine or your standard RX-7 FB.

The actual horsepower increase depends on which year/model stock RX-7 exhaust system you are comparing to, but a 22% increase at 7000 rpm is typical.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the Power-Pulse Presilencer and the Power Pulse Main Silencer , the exhaust noise is only slightly higher than stock, with a very low, pleasant character.

Due to the weight if your out side the UK please contact us for  a shipping price.

To buy simply send the £875  via paypal to


Mazda Rotary Parts / Brand new FD Exedy Stage 2 clutch assembly
« on: November 06, 2016, 07:47:18 PM »

Brand new Exedy Stage 2 clutch  / Pressure plate/ Clutch Disc / Release Bearing assembly for sale, £573 on Ebay £450 delivered

If you would like to order Kindly send the £450.00 via PayPal to

Mazda Rotary Parts / Group Buy Genuine Latest Mazda Coil and Lead set
« on: November 05, 2015, 08:33:09 AM »
Group Buy Genuine Latest Mazda Coil and Lead set.

As proven with our experience with customers and our own Race this is the only coil set that you will bolt onto your car knowing you will have no problems with the cars computer accepting a new set of coils, unlike pattern and copy coils on the market.

We have also found that there in no advantage to any RX-8, standard or modified fitting anything other than the correct Genuine Mazda Coil and more details can be found on this link where we explain about these latest N3H1-18-100C Ignition Coils . ... ic=83457.0

The kit is for a genuine latest Mazda coil set and Magnecor Leads with a retail cost of £500, this Set will cost just £295.00 delivered.
We will need just 5 people to make this group buy happen for this limited period offer.

Changing the coils and leads is a simple DIY with fitting instructions supplied.

The discount code to use at the check out stage is mazdacoils

Should you also require a set of Genuine NGK spark plugs to reduce flooding then we are offering these at £100.20 delivered if the Group buy coil kit is purchased.

Discount code to enter is NGKplugs only if you are buy

Simply follow this link below to order ... -311-c.asp

Due to over ordering we have a lightweight Racing-Beat-race-V2-cat-back-exhaust-system-with-extended-tip-for R3 2009 on models however this can be adapted to fit an 03-08 car buy trimming the bottom of the shroud.

Normal Delivered retail £617.99 / yours for just £500 delivered.

This Racing Beat RX-8 Race Exhaust System V2 with 3" bore and extended tip is a lightweight exhaust system that is intended for race applications but is still quiet enough for comfortable road use and has been designed to meet a race track-imposed sound limit.

The Racing Beat Race Exhaust System has been designed to offer a significant weight reduction over the stock RX-8 system, compare the following:

While louder than the stock system, particularly under full throttle, this exhaust system can be used for those looking for a very aggressive exhaust tone for their daily-driven RX-8. A modest driving technique will produce a moderate and tolerable exhaust tone, but jump on the throttle and this exhaust really comes to life.

This stainless exhaust system comes with all required mounting hardware.

If you wish to buy simply send the £500 via paypal to

Mazda Rotary Parts / So are Mazda RX-8 Coils really any good ?
« on: October 18, 2015, 06:53:07 PM »
Over the years now sadly we have seen many people lose money and have numerous problems with either trying different coils to save money or to try and find some sort of performance advantage over the later Mazda coils .

Not only have we found the last two incarnations of Mazda coil to be very very reliable, but we know now though our Race car 100% that Genuine Mazda coils are more than man enough to help the engine produce 430 BHP !

Through mapping the car with Mazda coils we tried altering the dwell angle again and again and always came back to the Mazda setting.

My mapper actually thought that because RX-7 owners often upgrade to expensive AEM ignition that this may find us an advantage over the Mazda coil----------guess what----------damn waste of money that proved to be and we saw no gain what-so ever in any way through the map  :oops: !!

On top of this I have had traders we deal with tell us that on most R3 models they have come across unless genuine Mazda coils are fitted, even with a re-map they won't run properly.

Bottom line is that through the Race car we have found that on a RX-8 engine you need never look any further than Genuine Mazda coils
Yes earlier 100 and 100A Mazda coils were bad, I even changed one set at 5000 miles for a customer :( .

I can tell you that over the last six years we have sold literally thousands of Mazda coils not only to people on here and trade customers but also Mazda dealers throughout Europe and even out as far as Australia.

With all these sold we have never ever ever seen any 100C coils come back and with the 100B's we have had a hand full, however when we tested the coils secondary voltage we found no problem, so effectively over the last six years with these latest "modified" versions we have not had a conclusive failure.

It would be foolhardy to suggest these or any other coil for any car will last for ever, but all I can say is, had I not had full faith in the operation and durability of these later coils I would never have put them near our Race car even just to fire it up initially.

Mazda Rotary Parts / ATS Carbon Super Clutch for up to 1200 BHP!
« on: October 18, 2015, 06:46:05 PM »
After requests from customers plus more and more people looking at converting their RX8's to 500 bhp with an RX-7 engine with customers wanting a clutch that will handle the horse power but still drive like a stock clutch, we are now offering an  ATS Super Clutch from Japan.

We can not only offer the Carbon Super Clutch but also twin and tripple plate versions as well, not cheap but many in the Rotary communality already know that you will not buy better.

More details can be found on these links below


Mazda Rotary Parts / our RX-8 just may need this in this hot weather
« on: July 17, 2015, 12:21:16 PM »
We have a brand new Genuine Mazda Radiator still in its box sitting on the shelf collecting dust for a series 1 RX-8, (03-08) after a customer changed his mind and wanted a Koyo Radiator (after all he does live in Mauritius )

As a one off sale we can sell this as a package with a Racing Beat hose set "cheap" (pictures below)

Sticker price through the shop £352.00--------------------your price £280 out to your door in the UK saving £72
If your interested simply send payment via paypal to with your delivery address, and its yours

Complete Sports clutch package for your RX-8

Normal price for an Exedy Stage 1 three piece clutch with Racing Beat Alloy Flywheel and Genuine Mazda Counterbalance plus a braided clutch hose that will fit any manual 6 speed, 5 speed RX-8 or RX-7 FC T11 regardless of year or model is £916 plus delivery.

Due to overstocking we can offer this great complete clutch package as a one off that will never be repeated for a huge £170 off Retail at a delivered UK price of just £746

Sale is only for one package deal and on a first come first served basis.

If you would like to fit the best clutch/ flywheel assembly on the market for your RX-8 simply paypal the £746 across to

Full details of the individual parts are on these links below.

Mazda Rotary Parts / Surf City Garage detailing products & discount
« on: March 01, 2014, 10:55:04 AM »
Under our Shy Auto hat we are the UK distributor for Surf City Garage - America\'s favourite detailing products.

Surf City Garage have added three new products to the range and are now available to buy via our shop:-

Code Red™ Active Wheel Cleaner

Diamond Edge™ Wheel Wax

Black Edge™ Spray Wax   this product completes the Black Edge product range.

We have now increased our discount offer to 15% and the new code you will need to enter at checkout, should you  wish to purchase any of the Surf City Garage detailing range is MRC15

Mazda Rotary Parts / We now supply Goopy Apex seals for FD\'S and RX-8\'s
« on: February 09, 2014, 05:26:16 PM »
We are pleased to announce that by becoming the UK distributor for Goopy Performance we are now able to offer a proven more durable than the stock Mazda Apex seal

Goopy Apex seals have become renowned around the world for their reliability by withstanding up to 50psi in Drag Racing and still not failing and have even withstood detonation that the Mazda Apex seal could never cope with. Sold as a set of 6 these are a direct replacement Apex seal for the RX-7 REW and the RX-8 Renesis engine.

Due to a customer failing to complete an order a while back we have just one Racing Beat RX-8 gauge kit at a very very special offer price of £308 instead of the normal £408 delivered price-----£100 off-------------- never to be repeated.

The Racing Beat Gauge Panel Kit comes complete and pre-assembled for quick installation, and includes provisions for connection to the instrument panel lighting. The panel unit is mounted in place of the stock ash tray/lighter assembly and routing of the sensor lines is surprisingly easy! To facilitate the assembly process, each kit includes the Racing Beat Oil Pressure and Temperature Adaptor (PN 11803), and the Water Temperature Adaptor (PN 11493).

Ready for immediate delivery and If you would like to own this great kit at this one off price, please send the £308 as a gift payment via PayPal to

Mazdarotaryparts are proud to have become an authorised re-seller of Zircotec products that are widely used at all levels of motorsport, including F1, NASCAR, World Rally and Le Mans. Zircotec have been trusted suppliers to both F1 and World Rally since 1996. Zircotec  products were used  by almost the entire F1 grid during the 2011 season and still continue to do so.

Zircotec offer Turbocharger coatings to reduce heat loss and increase responsiveness by enabling the turbocharger to spool up more quickly, also a range of thermal barrier exhaust coatings to help manage engine compartment temperatures and prevent sensitive components from being damaged by heat, offered in various colours, reducing both exhaust surface and radiated temperatures  by up to 33%, thus eliminating the use of bulky and at times ineffective heat wrappings.

In addition to the above we also offer ZircoFlex® - a flexible ceramic heat shield material.

ZircoFlex® is a revolutionary flexible ceramic heat shield material, offering superb thermal barrier performance at minimal weight and minimal thickness.

 The material is produced as a thin aluminium backed foil that is:

• Flexible - ZircoFlex® is easily bent and manipulated to suit different geometries, and can even be folded tightly through 180o without damaging the thermal barrier.

•Lightweight - ZircoFlex® I weighs only 0.46kg/m2
•Extremely thin - at 0.25mm overall  needing only minimal space for installation
•Metal backed, so the material is robust and easy to handle.
•Easily cut and installed by hand or machine.

•Easily fixed in place using mechanical fasteners or high temperature adhesives (supplied separately by Zircotec).

We are happy to discuss your Zircotec heat management requirements and offer a simple pick up and return service for your parts with a turnaround of ten working days once your order is placed.

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