Author Topic: 2017 Rotary Car Racing in the UK  (Read 40 times)

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2017 Rotary Car Racing in the UK
« on: March 26, 2017, 01:46:41 PM »
Time to resurrect this part of the forum I think  :13:

It looks like we might have an interesting Rotary Racing scene year ahead in the UK. I'm not aware of all the cars likely to be competing, but I'll try and get a full list at some point. If anything is aware of other race cars, drivers and race series then please let me know via this topic.

AS time permits, I'll try and post up (others please join in!) topics for all the races I can, even if it's just repeating stuff posted elsewhere

I'm aware of these race :

Nippon Challenge Super GT Class (I'll be posting up a separate topic on the first race in this series shortly)
- Paul Buckmaster in his FD
- Phil Collard (Pukka) in his FD
- Clive Haynsford in his FD engine powered RX-8

Time Attack
- Peter Hewson in his RX-8 (Clubman Class)
- Dave (Sicknote)?
- Umar?

Club Enduro (Class C - 180bhp/ton)
- Liam Crilly in his RX-8
- Jonny (Macg Racing) in his RX-8

I've just learned that Liam and Jonny (racing as a Team) at Donington last weekend in Club Enduro, running in the slowest Class in a field of 38 cars finished in a superb 1st in Class, 6th overall and beating all but one of the Class B cars too  :notworthy:
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