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Damn, that thing is fast!!!  ???  :sign0098:

Cars for Sale / Re: For Sale 1985 Mazda RX7 FB Track Car
« on: May 22, 2018, 05:36:07 AM »
Wow, that would be awesome car to have  :great: I live in wrong country...  :'(

Bugger, for some reason I have "I want FC vert" season on. That would be awesome!  :P

Cars for Sale / Re: For Sale- Mazda RX7 Wide arch single turbo
« on: May 15, 2018, 05:25:49 AM »
Damn nice...  :great: I wanna fd...  :(

Car without Clive init and what ever fuel is init..near empty as most Rotaries are...

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Umm, does he have fuelcell or stock tank? And how big is stock fuel tank anyways?

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Ok, thats interesting... I did wonder that too, but I thought that IRS rear wont usually do that effect. Usually 3 and 4 link system with "hard/agressive setup" does that effect, that causes rear to snap off. Also it causes lots of understeer too, because diff is not letting go acceleration momentum... But now when you say it, it sounds logical. IRS system with welded diff lock does that too. So it might really be that your diff is too hard...

Im very interested about that weight too. Can you see corner weights also?

Ill say 1175kg... :)

Looks like it was quite handfull this time...  ??? weird...

Nice to see that rear wing move, alot actually. Shows that is working I reckon  :great:

Rotary and General Chit-Chat / Re: TODAYS QUICK PIC
« on: May 09, 2018, 07:03:26 PM »
Damn, finally some dude was able to find a list how much RXses are ever registered in Finland:

FB 38
FC 17  and TurboII 7
FD 64
RX8 lowpwr 86
RX8 hipwr 134

Also with these:
20B Cosmo
13B Cosmo
RX-4 2
RX-3 one

Also originally imported to Finland, but vanished long ago:
RX-2 2
Rx-3 4
Rx-4 4
RX-5 1

This list doesent have NSUs ext. And dont have those few FBs, FCs, FDs and 8's which have been brought here for racing purposes/non ever registered cars. This is about 10 cars total...

Also, this list is not a fact, but really close to the truth and it contains of my knowlidge about Finnish Rotarys

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Jarno google honda k24...its not an engine honda made a k20 head on a 2.4 block or summit like that..high compression na with aggressive vtec..summit like that.

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K24 cant rev really high. Less than K20 anyways. And then there is that head, it just cant flow more... There are really good engines. But F20 costs alot and K20 just cant produce enough power, if there is need to get +300

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Yep, thats a nice pic from Jon...

 Well, only Honda engine that can go to +300 range is F20C from S2000. K20's cant go that high. K20's head max out in about 300. In rallycross we have few F20C engines that can go almost up to 330, which is a massive amount from 2-2,2 litre...

Still, that engine in that Honda is really expensive

Well, more testing and figure out that balance. I reckon its getting really close allready...

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That thing is scary fast!  ???  :sign0098: :eek:

Pahhh!  More power on the way,  it's not scary until I say so :)

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Damn, quite epic event then...  ??? I tryed to listen that live commentary but for some reason I couldnt...

That brake issues was a shame...  :( Dunno can bonnet vents do much for brake temps tho...

How was cars overall balance then?

How much that blue Civic has horses btw? Cause that engine is ridiculous priced...  :eek:

That thing is scary fast!  ???  :sign0098: :eek:

That is brilliant!!!  :13:

Rotary and General Chit-Chat / Re: Mazda's secret basement
« on: May 05, 2018, 08:20:53 PM »
For some reason I dont usually like Jalopnik´s writes. Usually they are towards rotor hater kind of stuff... However, this is quite good...

Good luck for race Sir!!!!  :13:

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